Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Finally Locking, Maybe?

I always talk hair with one of my natural co-workers and today she said those magic words "your hair is locking"!!!! Say what, now I don't have a clue, but she has a friend who has worn sisterlocks for 7 years and she has seen them progress. With that I'm inclined to think she knows what she is talking about. And yes, the look of my locks are changing they are fuller and softer and most have buds on the end so I'm very satisfied at this point. My co-worker went on to say, the darker color is a much better look for me which of course I agree.
So looks like two for two! What else could a girl want.
Here is a picture from Sunday as my hair was air drying, it looks nice and full but where is the length!?!?!!?

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Bajan Lily said...

Yay! I wish I were that lucky :)
As you chastised me last time I won't say I have lock envy anymore (lol), I'm loving my hair yes but I tell you - I can still undo every single one as if I'd never started this! Aye!
Give us some close ups!!!

A Sista Who Locked said...

Your hair is really full! Don't you just love that?! Pretty soon it's going to be down your back. My hair seems to be growing like grass but of course it's hard to tell because of the shrinkage.

Gigglz said...

@Bajan Lily - its so funny we both want something. I will take your length of touching my shoulders for locking! LOL!!!! You asked and they are coming ...well the close ups at least! LOL!

@Sista who locked - yes its full and I am really loving it its big and ruthless...just like my personality!!! ROFL!!! Where are your updated pics?

A Sista Who Locked said...

I have been slacking REALLY bad since I didn't have my camera. My reti is this Saturday, so I will be back up on it.

Gigglz said...

What retightening # is this for you?


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