Thursday, July 30, 2009

Random Foreal...LOL!

I read somewhere that Sheree Whitfield from the Real Housewives of Atlanta was natural. Now I'm all for the natural hair and I love any woman who embraces it whether they straighten it or not. But please tell me why Sheree looks like a chicken and not a hot one!!! Oh-no! Take that back to the salon and rework that messy, untamed, frizzy looking mohawk!!!

I saw the Wendy Williams show that Sheree was on and she did look good, but yes her hair looked quite fake as can be, but so much better than that mohawk. Wendy was right on target when she said it looked dry..LOL!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Loving my SL's in Month 4....

Ironic, tomorrow night I'm leaving on a road trip to Toronto for Carabana (largest West Indian Carnival in North America) and I have no hair appointment that I need to get to, I am not worried about a fresh perm, I'm not worried about what my hair is going to look like when I get there, I'm just not worried about my hair AT ALL!!! Even more so, I just put some cornrows in and I may go to work with them tomorrow and keep them in until I get to the hotel. Wohoo!!!

There are countless vacations I have gone on that I had to prep my hair the night before, or get home after midnight from a hair appointment on a weekday, but because of my SL's I have no concern about any of this!!! On the ride, I can afford to put my head back, take a nap, and wake up and shake and go. I cannot express how great the feeling is that the only thing I need to worry about is the clothes and shoes that I need to pack. SL's are really a lifestyle, because by having them your lifestyle changes and this is just a testament of that.

Its so funny that for the years that I contemplated getting SL's it was because of styling options and whats so funny now is that I barely style my hair. I find myself freestyling and just pulling a bobby pin or clip out and that's it. Just very interesting how we get hung up on the simple things!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hair Clips

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I have been slacking this past week and I haven't posted anything because I've been too busy "twittering". In any event I posted this picture because I found this hair clip that I only used when I had braids and I was in shock when I was able to clip it on my SL's. I'm so proud of how healthy my hair is and how thick it has become over the past few months. Since finding the clip last week I have worn it everyday since in a Pebbles (from the Flintstones) style...LOL I'm reconnecting with my youth.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Locks not Tightened

On Friday, as I was playing in my hair I found a lock that was missed during my retightening. First thought was, I pay my consultant to tighten my locks WTH?!? Quickly after I said to myself people aren't perfect. So opportunity presented itself and I pulled out my NL tool and got to tightening. This one lock was in the back left side of my head so I got my duck clips out and tightened the lock. I was unable to do a full rotation, so question for my more mature SL family, is this going to be a problem for the next retightening?

Today is now Sunday and I found three other locks in two different areas, 2 on the top in the crown and another in the back same side as the first one. Seriously now, yes I have a lot of hair but what's the point of going for a retightening if numerous locks are not done. What if I wasn't an aspiring DIY'er? What if my next appt isn't until 6 weeks? What if? Because of the what if's I'm now considering going to take the training class. I've already made the investment so why not pay the course price to learn from a trainer only problem is the next class coming up in my area I will be on vacation. Decisions, decisions. I don't want to fly anywhere for the course and I'm not going to continue going for retightenings when I'm doing maintenance at home. As it stands right now, I may cancel my next retightening....what you think?

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another Retightening Down

Only five weeks since my last retightening and it still took 4.5 hours to complete. Each time I get my locks retightened it reminds me how many I actually have, yes close to 600 (I don't plan on recounting anytime soon). This time I had no locks that slipped out so my locks are progressing properly. It does feel good to have my hair done and parts back. Almost feels like I got a fresh new set of micros installed (lol) but its all mine. I made my next appt for 5 weeks, but I have my NL tool and I'm not afraid to use it (hehe). I have every intention to go, but it may be my last for a while.

I'm in the process of analyzing the one lock I did to the rest to make sure I didn't miss anything. Around week 4 I will try doing a couple to make sure I got the hang of it.
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Month 5 and Counting!!!

I notice my fellow bloggers counting there months differently. This is my take, installation 3/18:

Mos 1. March 18-April 18

Mos. 2 April 19 - May 18

Mos. 3 May 19-June 18

Mos 4 June 19-July 18

Mos 5 July 19-Aug 18

So as I see it as of today 7/22 I am in my 5th month!!! Wohoo to me, I know many people doubted me!!! Yet daily more and more compliments are coming and I have an inner confidence I never had before.

In these five months I have learned a few things.

1. I'm not as consumed by styling my hair. I let it do its own thing I get up spritz with plain water take a bobby pin clip a piece and walk out the door.

2. I've stopped putting oils or anything for that matter because my locks no longer feel crunchy. The natural oils do what they need to.

3. Hair growth is natural, as long as you learn no fuss no must!

4. Although I have SL's each lock is different. And mt locks are different from another wearer of SL's.

5. My natural hair is very thick hence close to 600 locks!! Since it was always shedding with a perm I never knew.

What have you learned?
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Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's here, its here!!!

So I got home this afternoon from yesterday's BBQ and what did I find on my counter. Oh yes, my nappylock tool has arrived!!!!! So of course I had to try it out and I got right to it. I tightened my first lock with the Nappylock tool. I am so proud of myself, but I can tell you right now that it will take me a solid week to retighten my whole head with my 580+ locks. However, it is another feeling of LIBERATION and FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!

It came in a nice little nifty pouch which most likely I will be carrying around in my purse going forward. Who knows when I have some free time, just sitting around i will be retightening locks here and there!!! Now that I have done it myself I think I will be start maintaining them around my six month mark which will be in September.

Braid outs...

Yesterday, I had my annual BBQ at my parents house (which is always rated the best BBQ ever) and I had a classic braid out which everyone loved. I forget how easy it is to do and wear that style and have a stylish do for days. I think the length is helping as well. Here are some texture shots as well as a picture of my brother and I who looks more like my twin at the BBQ, before the festivities begun....

Friday, July 17, 2009

Month 3 Looks

Just a few looks over the past week that I've worn. I've gotten very lazy and I've gotten more comfortable with just free styling I think because of the length it doesn't look as bad to me. I put some braids in today because I'm having a cookout tomorrow so gotta show and prove my SL's!!!! You know I might get "pet" by someone, LMAO!!!!!

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

4 weeks and no slippage!!!!

I just realized something, tomorrow is four weeks since my last re tightening and I have not had one lock with slippage this go around. I'm getting pretty psyched because doesn't that mean my locks will now start to settle. Yippie!!! I'm starting to see more locks budding which is also a good thing....

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

On the Soap Box

I LOVE my sisterlocs and being natural and 100% me. No fake hair, nails, eyes (well contacts, I have to see -LOL!) or anything of the sort altering my natural beauty. When people ask me about my hair I definitely try to impress upon them how free I feel and liberating it is to know that I'm not harming my scalp with chemicals or a slave to the salon, and no longer a slave to my hair. I try to let them know that its been thus far the only way I have been able to retain healthy hair and length; I don't see it shedding and falling on my bathroom floor every morning or left in my comb. However, I wonder if the women I talk to feel that I feel that I am better because I have natural hair and its as if I'm talking down to them. I guess what I'm saying is, is that it is obvious if I never went natural and then got SL's I would have never felt the need to create a blog. My purpose for creating the blog is to share my experience with other SL'er's and sisters who are just thinking about it, or are natural, or even about going natural. Its evident when you read through you know I don't think I'm better but I do wonder if when I'm speaking if I have a tone of arrogance or even superiority??? I certainly don't think so...and I hope all woman take it as me trying to educate them on the other side of security in who we are and not to be afraid of others perceptions of your hair, because after all it is just hair....

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sun In Color

Although my hair color is changing on its own, I would love to have some sporadic color throughout my locks. How many of you remember SUN-IN? I was never allowed to use it as a teen because my mother was against me coloring my hair, but a friend of mine use it and turned her hair from a brownish color to a blondish. Well we all see that my hair is far from brown, and so I'm wondering if it will turn my hair to blonde or will it bring out the natural red undertones? I figure I could use the Sun-In with Lemon Juice, because lemon juice itself will turn the hair color. Or hmm, maybe I should just mix up some lemon juice and water, spray that on and go it in the sun. I have to look into this one, because its natural and I don't think I would harm the settling process of my locks.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Is my hair the new toy?

Last night I washed my hair again using the Dr. Bronner because I went swimming and I had some chlorine on the back half of my head. I let it air dry last night and this morning it does feel cottony soft, and I might add that I'm not seeing many white bulbs either, but then again I didn't do a thorough check this morning. At work now this morning a co-worker stopped by my desk so I can support her daughters fundraiser. As I'm browsing through the catalog, she is playing with my hair she is touching it and running her fingers through it, although it felt good its still a little weird!!! All the while she is asking questions about how long it took, you know the usual questions, I might add she only wears weaves, strictly!!!

Yesterday, my mother did the same thing. However, she is my mother and that is to be expected because she is also watching it grow. But if I had a weave, wig, braids, perm no one would be rushing to "pet" me - lol!!

Is this happening to you?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hair Color

I was browsing through some photos and it appears that my hair color is changing from black (I guess) to black with a reddish tint. I do like it, but I wonder if its the sun changing the color? At this rate, I may not have to color it in the months to come.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I'm free like a "BUTTERFLY"!!!

I am free from the "LYE"....I finally decided and went last night on a whim and got my tattoo. It hurt like a "MUTHA". I don't remember the others hurting so much. I think that has a lot to do that I was fearless, spontaneous, and just down for anything in my 20's. Whew!!!! Pain!!! But I love the end result!!! Yippie. Who knows, I may go for another on my neck!!! This morning I woke up and yes I have a sense of feeling even more liberated than when I got my SL's installed!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009


From the moment I got my sisterlocks installed, I thought that I would one day like to not have to rely on a consultant to maintain my lifestyle/hairstyle for me. Price was never an issue, but the health of my locks was all I'm concerned with. I just watched Kalia Dewdrop you tube video on how to retighten your own SL's with a 4 point pattern I'm now in the process of ordering my nappyloc tool. After my retightening, I have had no locks slip out and I have some locks that have sealed ends so I know that my locks are going to lock much sooner than a year. Upon receiving my nappylock tool I plan to attempt to retighten a few of my locks, the ones that I know get more than one rotation. If all goes well, by the end of year I plan to do my own retightenings.

My blog family (newbies), what are your plans in regards to maintenance? Do you plan to always go to your consultant? Or do you plan on starting to DIY?

Please let me know your thoughts...

A Bigger Issue

I've noticed in the past few days some white dots in my hair in the front. I thought since I had not washed my hair in almost three weeks that it was just dirty. Well, this morning I took a closer look and yes you guessed it, its my hair coming straight from the root. It is so disheartening to see that, I don't know if my hair was tightened too much so it came from the root, or if its my natural shedding. The front hairline has always been a problem area for me, so I see I'm still going to have to deal with it. I'm crying inside, because I can't get the white flakes out unless I pull it out with a tweezer or cut!!!! Challenge #1!! This picture actually shows a tint of red in my hair, which lately under certain lights, I have a hint of red tones!!

And as a sidebar - WTH is this. 2 knots in one lock...this is crazy! I can't blame the new consultant because look how high up the knots are!!! WTF, really!!!!

Lots of free time today to read other blogs, but in doing so it appears that Dr. Bronners actually reveal the white bulbs more so than other shampoos. Apparently, the bulbs are always there but just now more visible. I will continue to use it because I like the smell and feel of my hair after.

Dr. Bronner Results

Here are the pictures from right after my wash, my hair is still wet.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Verdict...

I'm still waiting for my hair to fully dry but as of right now I like what I see and feel. First, and as usual I braided and banded all my locks up which by the way felt like yarn, which by the way is how I'm going to refer to my hair when it feels nice, soft, but also moisturized. I digress; I pour the Dr. Bronners in my hand which has a great smell to it and I start rubbing in, and maybe it was mental but it felt better than the hard starter shampoo (of course just my opinion). I wash three times, and on the third I left the soap in and handled my shower duties then I washed out the soap.

Getting out of the shower and parting I didn't see much of a difference but as my hair is air drying my hair definitely feels nice and soft, and is looking full and big which I like. Pics to come of when I first got out the shower. Also I will take some pics tomorrow morning and I will report back on what it feels like fully dried with no moisture added be continued.

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Dr. Bronner is here......

UPS came last night with the package and ironic enough the guy says "Dr. Bronner, I love that stuff, I don't use anything else!" Well dang really... we are at a good start. My package contained almond soap (for my hair) lavender soap (for my body), and baby unscented for my sweetie pie daughter. I used the body wash last night and this morning and I love the feel of my skin, I am so ready to wash my hair and I cannot wait to try the shampoo. Results to come later today....
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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Looser Lock Loops

I took a break from lock loops over the past few weeks, not because I don't like them, just because I've been lazy. On Sunday night I brought them back out, just for a different look. I curled them a bit looser to see how they would come out and I like it much more than the Dorothy Dandridge tight curl. When I took the pictures below it made me notice two things.

1. I need to be cognizant when rolling the back and sides to make sure they are even, because one side was not rolled tight enough so the back is very uneven.

2. The part down the middle of my head is still very prominent. I hope I'm not losing hair in that area, I'm going to have to monitor that.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

What I found out about Jamaican Mango & Lime Tingle Shampoo

It has only been two weeks and I still have not shampooed my hair. My hair doesn't feel dirty, itchy, or heavy from product build up; however, mentally I feel like I need to wash my hair, I've been working out and sweating and spritzing maybe once a week. Like I posted earlier I bought the Jamaican Mango & Lime Tingle Shampoo, but i still don't want to use it. A fellow blogger asked me why and something is telling me not to use it, so I decided to look up each ingredient.

Ingredients in order listed:

1. Deionized Water (Aqua)
Purified water that has had ions removed. The deionization process also removes nitrates, calcium, magnesium and heavy metals.

My thoughts - no harm here

2. Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate
Ammonium lauryl sulfate, like any other surfactant, makes a good base for cleansers because of the way it disrupts the hydrogen bonding in water. Hydrogen bonding is the primary contributor to the high surface tension of water. In solution, the lauryl sulfate anions and the ammonium cations separate. The former align themselves into what is known as a micelle, in which the ions form a sphere, with the polar heads (the sulfate) on the surface of the sphere and the nonpolar hydrophobic tails pointing inwards towards the center. The water molecules around the micelle arrange themselves around the polar heads, but this disrupts their hydrogen bonding with the water surrounding them. The overall effect of having these micelles in an aqueous (water) environment is that the water becomes more able to penetrate things like cloth fibers or hair, and also becomes more readily available to solvate anything coming off the aforementioned substance.

My thoughts -- HUH, in English!!! What I took from it is the last sentence, it allows water to penetrate the hair, so sounds like a good thing, at least that's what my initial thought was, then I stumbled onto this...

Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate

A cheap, harsh detergent used in shampoos for its cleansing and foam-building properties. Often derived from petroleum, it is frequently disguised in pseudo-natural cosmetics with the phrase "comes from coconuts." It causes eye irritation, scalp scurf similar to dandruff, skin rashes and other allergic reactions.

My thoughts - now that foam building and cleansing sounds exactly like what was described. This is the second ingredient which is if not 50%, I was turned off at this point, but I kept going.

3. Coco Betaine
Derived from coconut oil and is used as a foaming agent and adds shine.

My thoughts - yeah sounds good, but I think I'm going to pass. I decided to continue.

4. Camphor
Cinnamomum camphora. Tonic and freshener used in small amounts in lotions and creams for its cooling and soothing effects. Has antiinflammatory and antiseptic properties.

My thoughts - alright this aides in the tingling process i.e tingling shampoo.

5. Menthol
Antiseptic and astringent derived from peppermint, its warming/cooling properties have a soothing effect on the skin.

My thoughts - menthol I'm cool with it.

6. Fragrance
The label of "Fragrances" can mask a multitude of toxic, synthetic chemicals, many of which suppress the immune system, are endocrine disruptors, and cause cancer. When looking for scented products, make sure it's scented by essential oils -- which are expensive; therefore, companies usually list what essential oils are contained in the product without reverting to the generic term "Fragrances".

My thoughts - the product cost $5.00 from the beauty supply store I purchased it from, and online its $6.13, which leads me to believe who knows what makes up the "fragrance". It smells more like menthol than anything else, but disturbing nonetheless.

7. DMD Hydantion
a white, crystalline solid

My thoughts - This was the most difficult ingredient to pinpoint what it is and what it does. What I found is that it is used in shampoos and conditioner's and the EWG rated it as being a safe substance to use. Since it was almost to the bottom of the ingredients listed I'm sure the levels are low.

8. D&C Yellow #10
Used to make cosmetics "pretty," synthetic colors, along with synthetic hair dyes, should be avoided at all costs. They will be labeled as FD&C or D&C, followed by a color and a number. Example: FD&C Red No. 6 / D&C Green No. 6. Many synthetic colors can be carcinogenic. If a cosmetic contains them, don't use it.

My thoughts - look at what we have here some synthetic dye, and it specifically states not to use it if it is in cosmetics. I was done, and didn't even bother to continue.

At this point, I had found out enough to the point that I was 100% certain that I don't' want to use the product, won't be using the product in the future, and I have just wasted $5.00. Even though the lauryl sulfate is in most shampoos I don't feel comfortable using the product.

What I've learned is that because I am now so particular on what products/ingredients I put on my SL's that I can't just waltz into the beauty supply store pick up a product and try it out. I need to read the ingredients thoroughly, google them, and if it passes the test then I can go back and purchase it. On the flip side, I don't think that any beauty supply carries the products with strictly essential oils and natural ingredients that I now prefer. Online shopping here I come....or I will have to start making my own shampoos which sounds like a better idea.

Sidebar - my daughter has slight eczema so I only use Aveeno products on her so that she doesn't break out. After reading about Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate I checked her body wash, and there it was listed the second ingredient. She hasn't had any bad reactions from the product but I'm now on the market for something else.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another Look

Just got back in from seeing fireworks sponsored by my township. The fireworks were so much more than I expected and I can't believe how much I enjoyed it. Too bad my daughter was so exhausted that she fell asleep. Next year I need to be more prepared with my lawn chair, blanket and cooler, but i was dressed comfortable enough. Here is a picture I took waiting for the show to start.

This is for You...

So my friends have been getting on me for only posting pictures from my car and house. Honestly, me too :-) so here is a picture with different scenery. The first picture I was outside for brunch which was delicious. The second picture I was at a local festival waiting in line for face painting. Nothing much with my hair just freestyling.

Lazy Week

This past week I have been extremely lazy with my hair. I haven't spritzed with anything and I've barely did any styling. I wake up shake and go, and I sleep with my trusty satin bonnet everynight. I don't feel a difference in my hair at all from not putting any water or crazy mixtures in it, so I'm going to try and continue with that until my next re-tightening. However, I need to shampoo my hair and although I purchased the Jamaican Lime and Mango shampoo I'm extremely apprehensive to using it. I haven't repurchased the Starter Shampoo because it made my locks dry and I didn't feel like I had a clean scalp. A fellow blogger recommended Dr. Bronner and I just purchased it and once I receive it I will let you know what I think. Its been two weeks since I last shampooed my hair but it doesn't feel dirty so I'm going to hold off until I receive Dr. Bronner. I haven't noticed really anything new with my hair besides that I think its getting thicker which its supposed to do, so looks like I'm right on schedule.


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