Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hair Clips

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I have been slacking this past week and I haven't posted anything because I've been too busy "twittering". In any event I posted this picture because I found this hair clip that I only used when I had braids and I was in shock when I was able to clip it on my SL's. I'm so proud of how healthy my hair is and how thick it has become over the past few months. Since finding the clip last week I have worn it everyday since in a Pebbles (from the Flintstones) style...LOL I'm reconnecting with my youth.


A Sista Who Locked said...

Your hair looks sooo good! It has gotten so thick, well it was already, but I can def see the change!

Gigglz said...

Thanks - it has gotten thick but I'm loving the look!!


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