Monday, August 16, 2010

Bang'ed Out!

I attended a wedding on Friday and I wanted to wear an updo. I twisted all my locks into a ponytail and left a bang out with some curls. I LOVED IT!! Since then I've been wearing my hair like that so maybe bangs are for me an updo at least. The first pic is of me this morning and the second is the morning after the wedding...curls a bit looser and the back I took down because the pins were killing me. I will post more pics this week.
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Friday, August 13, 2010

New way of curls

Over the past few months I have strayed away from styling because I've gotten lazy but even more so from using the lock loops and moving towards the perm rods because it gives such a nice looser curl from day one. I conditioned my hair with Lustrasilk shea butter cholesterol only for a little over an hour. I then washed it out and used only the Organix coconut mousse as my setting lotion. I left the rods in for at least 10 hours while I did housework. I took them out before going to sleep because they are really difficult to sleep in. Unfortunate for me I went for a run the next morning so I did lose a bit of the curl in the process but either way the look in my opinion is much better than the lock loops at this length and stage. The drying time is still an issue for me, but I'm still not sold on sitting under the dryer so air drying is my thing.

I have come to the conclusion however that bangs are not for me..permed or locked :-)!!! I'm going to leave those for others going forward!!! However I love, love, the way the back and sides fell.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Comparision Time Again

This is not one of the better comparisons over the months, because its a bit misleading. Number one the color throws the visual off and additionally the style is not the same so its hard to really tell the growth. However, I'm looking at the sides by my ears and I can tell it has grown not as much as I thought of course, but progress is progress so I will take it.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Retightening Finally Done

I finally finished my retightening, its taken me close to 3 weeks. I started, stopped, started again and just was in no rush. Now that I'm finally done guess what its about time to start the front and back again ugh!!! What I saw is that I had tons of hair around my locks and I pulled them all in but its only happening in the middle of my head. I must say I'm loving the feeling of my locked locks, they are soft yet with such a cylinder feeling. So with that I'm feeling a bit better and I might do some curling now just to spruce it up.

Oh one last thing I've been using Organix coconut mousse to curl my hair and it worked fantastic my curls had sheen and bounce although they didn't last for the next day because I went to a nightclub the before was worth it.

I plan to do a deep condition this weekend, sit with it for longer than an hour just because its been so hot and I feel like my locks are a bit dry. I will be back to report on that. Additionally I've been looking @ my 2 headed dragons I think I might cut them bcuz its getting difficult to pull it all thru the new growth with the clip tool, more to come on that too....enjoy your weekend ladies!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Not exactly a rut but still moving forward.

Although I'm back I have nothing new to report. I'm not fully out my funk, but I'm not in a funk enough to even debate taking my locks down. I barely have a regimen anymore, I'm more or less just listening to my hair, when it feels dry I put some oil in it. When it smells dirty to me, I wash it that happens maybe once a week and the dryness about every 3 days. I have done no styling, curling, or rolling, just truly freestyling and hoping it looks ok.

Here is a pic from this weekend. Nothing new, feels like my locks aren't really growing, but I don't even put a lot of weight on that anymore. I have lost a lock which I combined but it got so thin that it literally came out in my hand from the back. Ah well, no love lost on that one, then today the long lock I had that would just not curl started getting longer and longer you know why because midway up the lock it was just strands holding it together. So with my fast self I just pulled it all is even! Maybe later on I will join it back, but right now no Biggie!


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