Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I decided I'm not going to color right now. I was in the beauty supply store buying some more perm rods because I didn't have enough and I perused the color aisle. First, I didn't find a color I even remotely liked and then I realized I sort of like the two-tone color it seems to bring more to my look of locks. When I wear my hair curled all you see is the ends to you see the color, when I wear it up you see my natural root color, whatever that is. So for now, I'm holding still and I won't change.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Abandoned...but lets talk about whats going on at 18 months.

Wow, it feels like I have abandoned my stepchild (blogging). I'm so preoccupied in my day to day life its like I'm living in my own bubble of life.

Alot of this has to do with not being preoccupied with my locks anymore. They are definitely growing and I'm not obsessed with the length and I'm just enjoying them so lets start with whats going on in my head:

Since fall is now here I'm feeling like I should color my hair, but it hasn't even been a year since I originally colored. I'm trying to hold off for the year mark and then maybe put a rinse in, not a dye. I'm looking more towards reds and with my lighter ends I think it will be a nice color movement from the darker red at the roots to lighter at the ends. I may end up trying a rinse before my birthday just for a different look. I like the colors of Jazzing but they bleed so much and I sweat alot during working out that my clothes may be stained in the process. I don't know I have to see what else is out there. All in all, I see it happening pretty soon as I'm an spontaneous one :-)

What more can I say about that besides I'm still doing it myself. I find that it takes me about three days now to complete. The bad part is within like a week and a half I have fuzzy roots :-/. Again this has a lot to do with the working out, but not willing to give it up. The one issue is that the clip tool is getting too small to wrap around my whole lock that has sealed and clips into the lock instead of the entire lock. I still have my NL tool and latch hook one of them I may have to start using again. This will slow down how long it takes to complete my whole head, but I don't' want to ruin my ends by continuously clipping inside of it.

Uh!! Can you believe 18 months and I'm not fully locked. The back of my head is sealed but the front half is not. Its weird though, because I don't know what I do different in the back to the front. I find that when I use the SL shampoo the ends seem very unraveled, but I'm going to continue because that's what is recommended.


I have reverted back to using the SL shampoo. I purchased two bottles and I'm strictly using that as my shampoo. I am sticking to only using conditioner once a month and I'm using the Lustrasilk which I previously wrote about.


Using green tea oil, that I purchased from Khamit Kinks and the Jane Carter twist and lock. I use them interchangeably. I more so use Jane Carter when my ends feel dry and I use the green tea when my scalp feels like it should be moisturized.

Ok enuff chatter, time for the comparison pictures.

Month 17 Looks

Here are two pics of how I wore my hair during Month 17. I have a little more length so I can defintely get my hair into a ponytail and I'm loving that. It makes not doing anythign with it so much easier. This is more so my staple style lately because I have not rolled my hair since the wedding back in early August.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm still here!

Yes, its been close to a month but I'm still here and still loving my locks. Recently, I pulled off the 2 headed dragon tails for the majority of my locks they were becoming to thick to pull thru my new growth. I'm now able to pull my locks up into a high ponytail/bun and I really love that because it gives me more styling options. Here is a quick pic from yesterday, with a fresh retightening..yes and as always in my car!
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