Monday, October 29, 2012

Maintenance ..

Thanks to Hurricane Sandy I was able to take my time and complete my retightening. As I went thru I snipped all my double head dragons. There were quite a few --- as I look at them here I love the colors as my hair grows.

Importance of Retightening Schedule

Last update my locks were shedding.  I decided to go to a consultant (not trainee) Denise Hair Loft for an assessment.  She trimmed my locks a bit for all the ends that were due to fall of anyway - nothing major and even them all out.  The culprit for my shedding ......shampoo's.  Now I've been flip flopping between quite a few shampoos but I was mostly using Carol's Daughter.  Although it smells yummy it was not conducive to my locks and started to break them apart.  What she suggested is to go back to the sisterlock shampoo in order to roughen my cuticles again.  I have done that since late August and I have seen a difference.  My locks are still shedding but by no means how they were.  Lesson of the story - KISS (Keep it simple st*p*d) :)

Now in addition to my assesment, she suggested that she can just straigthen out my parts a bit.  I thought he!! why not, sit and let a MASTER TRAINER do my hair.  ABSOLUTELY!! I made my appointment for 12 weeks out.  That meant for 12 weeks don't retighten my locks at all.  6 weeks went by and my locks were OUT OF POCKET!!! I had already gone 2 weeks between seeing her and my last retightening so I had 8 weeks of growth.  If you know me, I retighten every 4/5 weeks (and 5 is a stretch).  My locks felt like they were standing on top of my head and I could not even run my fingers through without snagging hairs, the only style I could rock was a bun.  I said enough and went in early for my appointment.  It took 4.5 hours just to do the front of my head!!!! Mind you my parts are now straight and lovely, but the price I paid and the time I sat hmmmmmmm.  I made my appointment to complete the back but the more I thought about it I said forget it -- it is what it is I don't have that type of time to basically do a re-install!! The funny thing is she said I had a lot of hair and thats why its taking so long.  Needless to say I'm glad I don't go to anyone to retighten because it would take entirely too much time and money to maintain on a monthly basis. 

Here I am today, 4 weeks later after my front was retightened (not the back nor middle) and I have 12 weeks of growth in there.  It is quite a disaster -- as I retigthen I have been able to create some new locks, but I took it back to basics using clips and ponytail holders just to make sure I didn't snag any extra hairs.  Lesson of the story ----I'm sticking to a 4 week schedule from now on! as we always want to see are pictures right. Unfortunately I have no real hair shots. I have not been experimenting with styling and absolutley no color for a while.  My hair length isn't exactly where I thought it would be but I'm quite happy with it.  The worst part is that some of my locks shedding have left parts uneven (not cool) so I'm going to stick to the SL shampoo to seal the ends again and KISS going forward!!!


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