Thursday, October 28, 2010

Change of Color

Caught you :-), not me, just my blog.

Since the weather has started changing it was time to cool down the colors of my blog. I loved the bright orange to celebrate the warmer months, this lavender represents the cooling of the atmosphere! Hah! Nothing new to report with my hair, I don't curl anymore unless I have an event to go to and that seems to be frequent lately, but otherwise its a ponytail with a bang. I find that curling on dry hair with some mousse and air drying for 1-3 hours serves up a nice set of curls. I will be rocking that for Halloween and I will be sure to post my costume :-)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

You can see it here!

I'm glad I colored!!! That's all I have 2say!
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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Spiced Cognac - Jazzed Up

In this picture you can see the color! Hah, not really just my blonde ends look a little more reddish brown, but I like it. I'm off to a wedding and I used the yellow perm rods with some mousse (Talij Waalih..sp). I put them in on dry hair and air dried for about 3 hours. Let me tell you the curls were super duper uber TIGHT!!! Love it because I originally planned to wear my hair up but the curls were so tight I twisted up into one side for this.

In any event, these curls should last thru a few workouts so I'm looking forward to it! Back to the topic, what do you think of the color? I'm used to Jazzing running when I had a perm but its not running now, I'm not sure if they changed the formula but I have no complaints thus far!

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Lock Progress ...

I found a new trainee that lives only 10 minutes from me. I was so excited when I made my retightening appointment for Friday (yesterday). Although I can finish my retightenings in 3 days give or take I wanted to make sure I've been doing the right thing. The other trainee I went to at Strandz didn't give me any feedback on how my locks were doing so I wanted an opinion. In any event, I got there around 10 to 6 and we got started right away. Well....finally around 11:30 I was finished. Yes .... 5 and a half hours. Whew! I so don't miss those days and I don't plan to do it again anytime soon. The bright side of the whole thing was that she gave me great feedback on how my locks were doing. She said I've been doing a great job and I don't need anyone to do it for me. She said my parts were still intact and my locks are the right size. Whippee!!! Needless to say I won't be looking for anyone to retighten them for me anytime soon because they are doing well and I'm doing what they would do. And who the hell wants to sit 5 and a half hrs!! Certainly not me!

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Color I did it ...with Jazzing!

Well I colored it yet again!! So funny as you read my prior post that I wasn't going to color. After a trying evening of working on 1st grade homework with my daughter I picked up a bottle of Jazzing rinse that I purchased and got to it. Honestly, the difference is very subtle and if you don't really pay attention you won't even notice. I will post pictures later this weekend.


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