Frequently Asked Questions

Since blogging I seem to receive the same questions on my personal email so I thought I should create this page to answer those questions:

Did you get your locks done in a salon in NJ?
No, I had my locks installed at Khamit Kinks in Brooklyn, NY.

How many inches did you start with?
4 inches in the front, back, and sides and 6 inches in the middle. Unfortunately, I had to pay for six inches.

What tool do you use to retighten?
Hands down I only use the official SL tool, and not because I'm hung up on the name.  However, its the easiest for me in comparison to the NL tool or even the latch hook .

How do you do your retightentings?
When I first started doing my own retightenings it would take me 4 to 5 evenings after work to complete my whole head.  Now I'm down to 2 days, I start either the front or back and just work my way up or down depending.  I try to complete a row before I stop the session so that its easy to start back up from where I left off.

What products do you use?
A little bit of everything you have read on my blog, but I try to stick with the SL products.  I also don't mix product lines.  If I'm using Organix or SL, I'm using the shampoo and conditioner in one washing.  I don't moisturize daily, just when I feel that my locks feel dry, but no strict routine.

What is my routine?
One thing I stick with is taking a shower with a shower cap, and I only wet my hair in the shower if I want to shampoo or damp it for styling.  I always sleep with a satin cap and satin pillowcase.  If I forget the satin cap which is rarely I have my satin pillowcase.  I even have one for when I travel.


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