Friday, October 30, 2009

Today's Hair Routine

Just finished washing my hair using my starter shampoo.  I felt like my hair could use a good condition, since its been a while and I used the moisture treatment.  Can I tell you the moisture treatment felt so soft and smooth in my locks.  I still braided and banded, but once I put in the moisture treatment I took the rubber bands out so that I can make sure I removed all the conditioner.  My hair was drenched wet and it felt clean and soft, so while it was still wet, I went ahead and sprayed some of the herbal mist on my locks. 

This is what my hair looked like right out the shower.  You will notice my Curly Q's are here to stay after this wash, and its all due to the moisture treatment.

Now after it has dried with the spray moisturizer, my hair feels a bit harder than it normally does, and I think thats due to the spray moisturizer, but my curls are still there. 

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Slippage, can you define it?

Slippage, what exactly is it? Funny enough, I must admit all the blog stalking I did before getting my locks, and the stalking I continue to do as I now have them I have always read about people experiencing slippage. All this time I'm thinking that slippage starts at the root and works its way down to the end to eventually have the pattern slip out or at least close to the end of the hair, hence the word slippage. A few months now I've noticed around my edges that my locks are unraveling from the end. This is not occurring any other part of my head so I'm wondering what's the actual cause (I have yet to find out). Unraveling, yep that's what I'm calling this problem although others say slippage. I know that this can be corrected by redoing the lock from where the unraveling starts, but here is my thought; eventually all my hair will lock, and it has been sectioned off by a small group of strands some still in the pattern and some not, but it will lock, so why go through the trouble?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Getting Faster

I have yet to wash my hair, put some braids in, use some rollers (lock loops or sponge rollers).  Lazy is not the word, but I did complete my retightening.   I started on Monday and I finished about an hour or so ago.  I'm down to completing it in 3 days.  Now 3 days is about 9 hours still, because I'm working 3 hours more/less a day.  However, I definitely feel more comfortable moving around and I don't have to use as many clips to hold locks out the way, I can literally feel the lock and even what direction I need to go in from the feel.  Yes, yes, yes this is coming along great!!   Here are some pics of what my hair is looking like now (nothing special), I'm going to do some quick cornrows to hold me over for the remainder of the work week.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Lets Take it Back!!

I just started on my retightening today and I'm feeling oh so lazy!!!! I do enjoy doing my own hair, but I have so much more I need to get done this week, but I have to find the time because I don't want my locks going longer than 4 weeks without a retightening.  Did you know that your roots can get weak if you go to long without a retightening...well I'm not willing to chance it.  I do have my hair appt set for 11/14 just so I can get a style for no good reason.  I don't even have any plans, but I want to see what can be done.  Check out the pictures to this salon and let me know what you think, you might even get some ideas for yourself  There is also a licensed consultant there, but you know how it goes, I have to go for a consultation before she can work on my locks.  Yada, yada!  So styling it is for now, but knowing myself I may cancel.  

In another post I mentioned that I'm not so in awe of my locks like I have been. But I went looking at some old pictures of how I wore my hair, and I really liked how I looked with kinky twists which of course gave me the courage to take the plunge with sisterlocks.  So here is my blast from the I'm almost there with my own hair and looking better than ever!!! I love my Sisterlocks.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I know, I know!

Ok, I changed my mind once again on the background, but I'm done now...I hope!  LOL!


So over the past two weeks I have been spending a good bit of my time putting together a small accessory business. Over the past few years I have been saying that you need some type of additional income (a side hustle) from you career for some pocket money. Thus far, its going pretty well, but this weekend I realized my energy has been focused on that and I've been slacking on my blogging. I haven't been taking pictures like I normally do and I didn't even wash my hair yet this week. Needless to say I'm not so consumed with my locks these days. I think it also has to do with the fact that they are doing there thing and I like whatever they are doing. This week I'm going to start my retightening and I hope to see my left side even out a bit more with the right. Other than that nothing much, still just free styling, but I will be back up on my game this week.

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Just Random

Another change to the background, but I got tired of logging in and seeing the "white woman" above my head.  What a bad representation for what I am about.  Alright so I hope you like the new look it suits me more because I'm always running late, hence the clock and I love, love my blackberry.  Even if its on vibrate, I'm checking it to see if new messages come through...but I didn't log in for this today. 

I logged in today to show some pics of how I have been wearing my hair these past few days with the sponge rollers.  The bad thing is I was trying to take these pictures myself with the help of a hand held mirror.  Then I used another mirror to capture, so needless to say I have all these flashes going everywhere, but hey I'm trying.  I don't know why I don't have someone else take the photo for me.  Needless to say, nothin is good enough to show you right now.  I will do my best to describe, because it was simply a ponytail in the front and the back was out, with the ponytail I kind of puffed it up and put a clip for some style..hope that helps.  I'm sure I will be wearing that look shortly and I can get a good picture.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


It has been a hectic few work days, but have to make time for blogging!! I just wanted to stop in to discuss products. No matter what product I mix up or purchase over the past few months I keep reverting back to the same one.  If I have trouble with my curls being too tight, or my locks not feeling bouncy the first thing and only thing that comes to mind is WATER!!!  Can you believe it?  It's free, well not exactly right since I get that dang water bill!!!  However it is still my best styling aide, it works no matter what look I'm going for.  A more fluffy airy look, a looser curl, or just to put some "pep" back into them mid-week.  I don't know what it is, but I don't even think to pull out my Oyin products, which I waited for two weeks to receive, I just turn on the faucet.  I've even moved away from spritzing from a bottle daily, just a bit in my hand and I run it through my locks, shake and go. Its a very weird feeling going into the stores and not perusing through the hair products aisle looking for the newest product...Thank you WATER!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sponge Styling

After a wash with the SL shampoo yesterday, I rolled up my hair with the sponge rollers like a doobie (that's what we call it in the tri-state) which is a roller set.  I went to bed looking like I was back in 1985,  so I doubt this will  be added to my arsenal, but I digress.  Moving along, although they are sponge, I thought they would be hard to sleep with since they are so big, but  they weren't.  This morning, I took them out and had very loose curls, which I liked.  I put some pomade in my hair, because it looked very dry, then I finger styled my hair and ended up with this.
 I didn't do well with opening up my curls, but you see how loose the curls are are.  I put some twists in just to give it a little sumthin sumthin...I will try something with it again tomorrow, but uh.....

Maybe I should have tried 2 strand twisting or brading my hair up first before rolling to get some more going on before the bend.  What I liked about the rolling is that I am able to see a very slight bend on the ends which I liked because I can really see which ends are open from my color job.  The bad thing is that one of my rollers must have been too tight, because a lock by my temple is very sensitive to the touch.  I just retightened it, ( a full rotation at 3 weeks mind you) but thats another story for another day.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bored at the 7 month marker!!

Today marks 7 months, and for some of you it may seem like a short time but for me this last week has made the journey feel long. Don't get me wrong, I'm not thinking about taking them out, but last week I didn't roll or do a braid out and I felt the effects of not doing so. All week I freestyled and was not at all pleased with the daily results. I must say I'm so BORED with my hair. I actually made an appointment for only styling next month with a salon that specializes in locks and natural hair. I figure I will treat myself to a style after a retightening to get some more options for the holiday season. I've looked at the pictures online and I was pleased, I will definitely post the pics once I go.

In the meantime, between time I have decided to use sponge rollers for styling this week. Over this weekend, I met with another woman who has had sisterlocks for close to two years and she only uses sponge rollers. In addition, A Sista Who Locked also uses sponge rollers and her curls looked great so I'm going for it.

Pictures will be posted tomorrow.

Ah, I did do a braid out on Friday night just with some mousse and this was my results, not bad, but I think I like my curls better.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Close Up

Bajan Lily asked and she shall receive; here is a  close-up of my locks tonight.  Little more difficult than I thought to take a detailed picture myself, more to come this weekend.  Even with my coloring "experiment"  I think that my locks are doing very well and at the end of the week it will be 7 months so they definitely should be showing large signs of locking.  Your take??

Finally Locking, Maybe?

I always talk hair with one of my natural co-workers and today she said those magic words "your hair is locking"!!!! Say what, now I don't have a clue, but she has a friend who has worn sisterlocks for 7 years and she has seen them progress. With that I'm inclined to think she knows what she is talking about. And yes, the look of my locks are changing they are fuller and softer and most have buds on the end so I'm very satisfied at this point. My co-worker went on to say, the darker color is a much better look for me which of course I agree.
So looks like two for two! What else could a girl want.
Here is a picture from Sunday as my hair was air drying, it looks nice and full but where is the length!?!?!!?

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Different Take on Being "Lopsided"

So I've been thinking about the right back side of my hair being longer than the left.  I know that sometimes one side grows faster than the other but it is such a drastic difference which isn't normally the case. Or is it?  If you haven't seen it , click here.  I can't remember wearing my hair out and having a drastic difference in length and if I did, I defintely cut it :-) to be even.  So I surmise, that my right side is locking faster and therefore hanging straighter than my left side because it continues to curl up.  To get to the truth though, I will be pulling out my handy ruler later tonight to check my theory!!

By the way if you learn anything about me, I have my own conspiracy theories on everything, hehe.  

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekly Washes

If you can remember, I decided to start washing my hair weekly (see previous post).  I've continued washing my hair weekly and I have been seeing a difference to washing every two weeks.  I continue to wash with the sisterlock starter shampoo and I don't use any other products throughout the week, I have even put down the lovely smelling Oyin's juices and berries.  My curls from lock loops definitely hold better and my hair actually bounces when I walk, feeling very airy.  Since using the VO5 I have not seen any of the white bulbs in my hair, which is a good thing.  Although I did not like the feeling of my hair afterwards I will keep the VO5 in my bathroom for if/when I see the white bulbs again.  

For this weeks wash I decided to do a braid out.  I bundled my hair without braiding and once I finished washing I braided the bundled section up and put a rubber band on the end.  I slept with my hair like that and took it out this morning, and might I say what a disaster!!!!!!!  Although I had lots and lots of crinkles and waves I hated my hair looking like that, it was BAD!  This is probably because I'm used to seeing my hair curled or just freestyled it was just the worse.  So I just put my head over the tub poured some water on my hair and let it air dry.   Oh wait!  I did actually use some Oyin brown burnt sugar pomade because I wanted to retain some length in the front and back.  I used about a quarter size rubbed it in my hand and fingertips and used my fingertips to smooth the front and back.  The smell is GREAT!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Good Hair Movie/Documentary

Last night I went to see the documentary/movie "Good Hair". I cannot say I was surprised about what I saw and heard. Overall, the movie was ok and I do recommend people go see it. When I got to the theater it was astonishing to see so many black people in the concession area at one time. Looks like a lot of people will turn out to support this movie. The premise of the movie was yes about "Good Hair" but a lot of the movie was surrounded around the Bronner Bros. hair show in Atlanta. I've never been, but outside of the typical hair show stuff not really worth mentioning to me.
In the film, there was some great points -number 1, was about the ownership of business. As I've touched on before, the majority of hair care distributors are Asian. Along the same line, black women/men are the only one who are in demand of perm and weave hair, so we are making other cultures rich while going broke trying to get the European look. Number 2, Chris Rock showed where the actual weave hair comes from, India. Indian woman go to the temple and as a ceremony they shave off there hair for the Gods. They have no idea that their hair is a huge business for the temple (who by the way sells it to the highest bidder) and other woman actually wear their hair. Its normal that each woman will shave her head twice in her lifetime. Number 3, men find there is a disconnect intimately with black woman because they cannot touch there hair. Wow on #3, when I was an avid weave wearer I never ever thought about this, but what an eye opener because with any other race that black men date this isn't even an issue!!!! Number #4, he also showed how strong the chemical in perm is-it can burn through the skin and meat of chicken! Amazing, we put this in our head perpetually!
There were two disturbing parts for me. One being that some of the actresses being interviewed (Lauren London) in particular said you should be comfortable in your own skin. Yeah but how can you sit and say in almost the same sentence say don't mess with my weave.
With that all said, I did enjoy the movie there were some entertaining parts and I think the best statement was from Paul Mooney "when your relaxed, white people are relaxed and when you're nappy there not happy"!!!

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sisterlock Pattern Change Working!

If you've been following my blog you know that I was initially a pattern 4 and after going to the retightening class I changed to pattern 3 as of August 26th. I've been saying that my hair is much fuller and fluffier and I attributed this to the satin pillow case. Now in thinking back this is actually largly in part due to the pattern change and not the satin pillowcase. I've done two retightenings using the 3 pattern and I see a huge difference in body and volume of my locks, which I'm absolutely loving. With the 4, my locks felt strangled and they weren't allowed to breathe so I'm happy that I did change and I expect to see a lot more changes to come in terms of volume! Quite possibly I may not have to use my lock loops because they will curl on there own to give its own distinct styling, left to be seen. This is a picture from the lock loops that totally dropped because of the humidity but look at how full it still looks (please excuse the poor quality and the facial expression).

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Supporting Black Owned

My previous post on Chris Rock's movie prompted a film maker to leave the link to their you tube video which speaks to the takeover of the black owned beauty supply stores by the Asians. For the sake of anonymity a friend wrote the following on shopping in black owned stores/beauty supply stores etc.

Part of my reason for going natural was to stop with all the products already.  Weaves, braids, products, etc etc..  It was insane.  Now my routine is simple and I use just a few things here and there on my face, body and hair.  I love it.  But I have to say, going to black owned businesses for me can be a trying experience.  Who wants to walk into a store where the person who is supposed to be helping you out treats you so badly, refuses to answer questions and generally makes your shopping trip a nightmare?  Not I.  I support black owned businesses where I get good customer services.  Shean'More is an online shop owned by a black woman.  I go there for my shea butter and africa black soap and direct my friends and family to her as well.  I have talked to her a couple of times and she is respectful and helpful and offers tips and suggestions.  I don't know her, have never met her but I like her and I like shopping from her.  I can't say that for many black owned businesses and that really saddens me.  I would love to give my few dollars to black owned stores and business but honey...... not when I get an attitude- laden, gum chewing, deep sighing when I ask a question, sister at the counter or on the phone. can't do.

Well for me, I would always attempt to go to the black owned shops but they always seem to not have the stocks shelved, they wouldn't have the product I went looking for, or the prices were more expensive. I'm all for supporting my own, but I am also for getting what I'm looking for and not what I have to settle for. So after a few trips to the black owned shops and coming back empty handed they were the last store that I would think of when it was time to go pick up the latest products. Now when I headed into Newark or Brooklyn all I saw were Asian owned stores and of the course the shelfs were overflowing and prices were cheaper. Whats a girl to do???!?!?

So what do you think? Now that you are natural your trips to the beauty supply store are far and few in between. However when you were making frequent trips what was your preference of stores? How did you get treated? Did you go back? Did you see anything that turned you off from either?

Monday, October 5, 2009

A Better Look

Saturday was so humid outside that I lost alot of my curls and ended up with just having a lot of my hair revert to a freestyle with a bend.  This wasn't too bad, hey as long as I don't have to do much with it lately after a roller set I'm good to go.  I'm getting really lazy lately about styling I don't even bother trying.  After my wash on Friday, my hair is not feeling as bunched as it did when I initally colored it so hopefully over the course of the next few weeks washing my locks with the SL starter shampoo will help my locks revert back to what they were prior to coloring (thats my hope).  I started feeling through my locks and more than I thought have sealed ends and it seems like alot more are well on there way to sealing and giving me some more length (yes, I'm obsessed with length).  I don't have much going on today, but wanted to show a better picture of my hair color; as you can see not a huge difference but in the right light I can see the dark red tint on the ends, and that probably took because my ends were lighter.  

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Opinions on Chris Rock "Good Hair"

Let me say these are not my thoughts but the thoughts of the writer on I thought it was very intersting critic of the movie "Good Hair" and before even seeing it this is what I was thinking to a certain degree..guess I will have to wait and see the movie.

I hit up the screening for Good Hair here in DC last week.  My take: Funny (of course) and indeed a necessary discussion of such a big issue for the black community and women as a whole.  But I do have mixed feelings on the over-generalization, over simplifications, and assumptions made throughout the documentary.

At times, it also felt like black women, in particular, were being belittled and slapped in the face for how many of us choose to care for our hair. I also took issue with only one type of hair salon/hair care “professionals” that was being portrayed.  I guess perpetuating the “black ghetto girl” stereotype is great for laughs and all.  But there’s indeed a much more fabulous side of black hair care that could have been portrayed as well.  On a more positive note, I do applaud Chris for taking on this project and not waiting around for someone outside of the black community to talk about the issues of our own.  Just my opinion…

Friday, October 2, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust...

I decided to approach my retightening a little different this go around and I sectioned my hair off in four (lower half of the back, crown, right side, left side).  So I started on Monday and completed a section each night, I really didn't check how many hours it took because I was stopping for anything and everything.  I just wanted to finish off a section every night.  This go around my index finger isn't throbbing from the tool, and I didn't intertwine as many locks as my last retightening, learning my lesson :-).  It is definitely getting easier and I'm also getting more proficient in it, I can tell which rotation I left off on just by feeling the lock and I don't need a mirror or as many clips to keep the locks surrounding the one I'm working on from getting caught.  Right now I'm on a 4 week schedule and I get close to two rotations so I may push my schedule to every 3 weeks, but that might be a little too frequent (more than my mos cycle) LOL!!  

Now this is the first time I washed my hair right after doing a retightening and it actually felt so soothing to have the water run through my hair with the roots being tight.  The benefit of this is I didn't have to separate because there is no new growth to matte together, it was great!

So I'm now an official DIY'er!!


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