Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekly Washes

If you can remember, I decided to start washing my hair weekly (see previous post).  I've continued washing my hair weekly and I have been seeing a difference to washing every two weeks.  I continue to wash with the sisterlock starter shampoo and I don't use any other products throughout the week, I have even put down the lovely smelling Oyin's juices and berries.  My curls from lock loops definitely hold better and my hair actually bounces when I walk, feeling very airy.  Since using the VO5 I have not seen any of the white bulbs in my hair, which is a good thing.  Although I did not like the feeling of my hair afterwards I will keep the VO5 in my bathroom for if/when I see the white bulbs again.  

For this weeks wash I decided to do a braid out.  I bundled my hair without braiding and once I finished washing I braided the bundled section up and put a rubber band on the end.  I slept with my hair like that and took it out this morning, and might I say what a disaster!!!!!!!  Although I had lots and lots of crinkles and waves I hated my hair looking like that, it was BAD!  This is probably because I'm used to seeing my hair curled or just freestyled it was just the worse.  So I just put my head over the tub poured some water on my hair and let it air dry.   Oh wait!  I did actually use some Oyin brown burnt sugar pomade because I wanted to retain some length in the front and back.  I used about a quarter size rubbed it in my hand and fingertips and used my fingertips to smooth the front and back.  The smell is GREAT!!!


Mile High Sisterlocks said...

That's the beauty of SLs. Wet them and they are like new again! Truly wash and go hair. They are beautiful in their natural state. Every other style is icing on the cake! BTW, I ordered my soft spikes yesterday. Can't wait to get them.

Gigglz said...

Isn't that the truth - wash and go! I have the lock loops but if I'm not mistaken the soft spikes behave in the same manner and if so you will love them!


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