Friday, October 30, 2009

Today's Hair Routine

Just finished washing my hair using my starter shampoo.  I felt like my hair could use a good condition, since its been a while and I used the moisture treatment.  Can I tell you the moisture treatment felt so soft and smooth in my locks.  I still braided and banded, but once I put in the moisture treatment I took the rubber bands out so that I can make sure I removed all the conditioner.  My hair was drenched wet and it felt clean and soft, so while it was still wet, I went ahead and sprayed some of the herbal mist on my locks. 

This is what my hair looked like right out the shower.  You will notice my Curly Q's are here to stay after this wash, and its all due to the moisture treatment.

Now after it has dried with the spray moisturizer, my hair feels a bit harder than it normally does, and I think thats due to the spray moisturizer, but my curls are still there. 


Kay exquisite said...

Hey I have almost finished my bottle of sisterlock starter that we got but is it me or does it seem waaaay more diluted that the little bottle we got at installation? I'm contemplating what shampoo I should use after it finishes, any suggestions?

Gigglz said...

Kay - I'm on my second bottle of shampoo already. It does seem a bit more diluted then the one I got from my consultant. I ordered from the website and it was the same way. I like it much better the way it is, so I'm sticking with it. I don't have the issues I felt like I was having before, hard locks, dry locks, and feeling like my hair wasn't clean. Needless to say, I say stay with the starter shampoo, or try the green tea one still sisterlocks brand though. When I tried VO5 my curls looked all WRONG!! LOL

Nai said...

Hey Gigglz

(and Kay) I never had the sisterlocks starter kit ... My consultant started me off using Neutrogena T Gel Therapeutic shampoo. Initially I think I should have diluted it but did'nt.
My last wash I tried diluting it and spraying on (preffered method). I have no dry/itchy scalp issues, hair is still soft, however I have found today that quite a few are locking up nicely (still have my curly ends too) but only permitted to wash my hair once a month.

Gigglz said...

@N'Joi - Neutrogena, hmmm. Since you wash only once a month its definitely aiding in your locking process.

The Real Nique said...

Your hair looks really nice. I never did the sisterlocks shampoo. I have been just using a clarify shampoo and it has been working fine for me. But I started with braidlocks too. I did start using the peppermint bar at one point. Maybe I will try a sisterlock product at some point.

Gigglz said...

@The Real Nique - the Peppermint bar by who? I'm assuming it leaves your scalp tingly. Your braidlocks and color compliment your skin tone.


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