Monday, October 5, 2009

A Better Look

Saturday was so humid outside that I lost alot of my curls and ended up with just having a lot of my hair revert to a freestyle with a bend.  This wasn't too bad, hey as long as I don't have to do much with it lately after a roller set I'm good to go.  I'm getting really lazy lately about styling I don't even bother trying.  After my wash on Friday, my hair is not feeling as bunched as it did when I initally colored it so hopefully over the course of the next few weeks washing my locks with the SL starter shampoo will help my locks revert back to what they were prior to coloring (thats my hope).  I started feeling through my locks and more than I thought have sealed ends and it seems like alot more are well on there way to sealing and giving me some more length (yes, I'm obsessed with length).  I don't have much going on today, but wanted to show a better picture of my hair color; as you can see not a huge difference but in the right light I can see the dark red tint on the ends, and that probably took because my ends were lighter.  

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