Monday, October 19, 2009

Sponge Styling

After a wash with the SL shampoo yesterday, I rolled up my hair with the sponge rollers like a doobie (that's what we call it in the tri-state) which is a roller set.  I went to bed looking like I was back in 1985,  so I doubt this will  be added to my arsenal, but I digress.  Moving along, although they are sponge, I thought they would be hard to sleep with since they are so big, but  they weren't.  This morning, I took them out and had very loose curls, which I liked.  I put some pomade in my hair, because it looked very dry, then I finger styled my hair and ended up with this.
 I didn't do well with opening up my curls, but you see how loose the curls are are.  I put some twists in just to give it a little sumthin sumthin...I will try something with it again tomorrow, but uh.....

Maybe I should have tried 2 strand twisting or brading my hair up first before rolling to get some more going on before the bend.  What I liked about the rolling is that I am able to see a very slight bend on the ends which I liked because I can really see which ends are open from my color job.  The bad thing is that one of my rollers must have been too tight, because a lock by my temple is very sensitive to the touch.  I just retightened it, ( a full rotation at 3 weeks mind you) but thats another story for another day.


Free McK. said...

Nice.I remember when my hair was in that phase. No matter what I did, the curls went away. Your hair is going thru da transitioning period and it might not hold curls very good now. but watch out! it will happen in a short time!

IvyLeague said...

Looking good! Thanks for the style tip....I'm getting installed on Friday!!!!

Gigglz said...

@Free P - its not that the curls are going away, I think it may have been the way I rolled it. The next time I'm going to use my lock loops again. If the curls don't hold then, then I know transitioning period has begun!

@Ivy League - thanks..please let me know how it goes on Friday!

Kay exquisite said...

I think it looks great, not too much curl but just enough for a stylish look. I love it. I just ordered some loc loops last weeka nd I'm waiting for them to get here I can't wait. Sadly my bantu knots curls don't hold as much as they used to so I need a new method for a semi everday look. Is the biggest difference between the two rollers just the tightness of your curl? ar the sponge rollers bigger than your loc loops? And finally did you use anything in your hair while you were setting it?

Gigglz said...

@Kay -yeah not too much curl, I think I need to curl not so uniformly next time to get a better result. The loc loops I love, but yes there are two differences to note to the sponge rollers. The first is the lock loops does provide a tighter curl because they are much slimmer in diameter, secondly they are also easier to sleep with because of the size. And I don't use any types of products when I roll my hair, just out the shower and then roll them up wet.

I wish I knew how to do a clean bantu knot, mines always come out with the ends funny looking.


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