Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Getting Faster

I have yet to wash my hair, put some braids in, use some rollers (lock loops or sponge rollers).  Lazy is not the word, but I did complete my retightening.   I started on Monday and I finished about an hour or so ago.  I'm down to completing it in 3 days.  Now 3 days is about 9 hours still, because I'm working 3 hours more/less a day.  However, I definitely feel more comfortable moving around and I don't have to use as many clips to hold locks out the way, I can literally feel the lock and even what direction I need to go in from the feel.  Yes, yes, yes this is coming along great!!   Here are some pics of what my hair is looking like now (nothing special), I'm going to do some quick cornrows to hold me over for the remainder of the work week.


PhePhi said...

gr8 job. isn't it a wonderful feeling when u notice progress? i'm retightening mine as well. i started a couple of days ago. i just have the left side to do...i think i'm down to using three clips from a gazillion...LOLOL

keep it up lady!

Gigglz said...

It is a GR8 feeling to have full control!!! 3 clips as opposed to 30 right!! I actually only use some elastic bands now..

Don't forget to post your pics!


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