Monday, December 28, 2009

Lock Loops.....looking like a poodle!!!

Well I'm back...and I'm in love with my SL's!!!  Just dropping in to show you my lock loops back at work!!
This is them after a fresh wash using a bit of VO5 as a clarifying shampoo, starter shampoo as my deep down shampoo, and condition with Organix coconut conditioner...yes PJ at its finest!!!  I let them fully air dry throughout the day and then I rolled them up with water in a spritz bottle with rosemary EO!!!  Viola!!!!


I took the pins out and this is what I have...either way works for me, but it will definitely be the look for New Years!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Always Nice to Read an Article on SL's

As usual, the article is short and does not really express the true meaning of how it makes wearers feel and it doesn't provide enough information for someone who is interested in them.  Guess, that's why we all have blogs!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What they say....

You know the saying "I'd rather struggle with you then be without you". Well I find that it applies to my SL's. Although I seem to be in a funk with them I cannot imagine dealing with my hair loose or permed. SL's are still the joint!!! I still love my locks but I've gotten to a point where I'm tired of the same choices of styling. Its either the braid out or curls, and since last week I've actually been wearing it back in a bun. Any ideas on what I can do? Back in a bun is not ideal, but the New Year will bring new ideas to the table.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Not in love today!

The purpose of my blog was to be supporting and show other woman about the pros and cons of SL's.  Well today I just cannot be my upbeat positive uplifting self.  Today is one of those days where I"m NOT feeling my locks at all.  I tell you they haven't been falling right in a braidout or even freestyling.  Its been weeks since I used the lock loops and the reason I haven't is because the last time I slept with them i woke up with my neck hurting.  Ugh!!! Tomorrow should be a better day!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Change of Mind

So I changed my mind and I wasn't too fond of my freestyle look, so I did about 7 cornrows last night and this is what I have.  You know the funny part is that my hair doesn't look that different, this whole thing is MENTAL!!! Maybe I'm just a mental case, but in any event. I like this much better, or I should say I'm satisfied with it.  The best part is that I didn't put a drop of product to do my braidout and it came out well.  Normally I do it after I wash my hair.  So....this is a keeper!!!  Just a close up so you can see the body a bit more.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Back to Basics

Its been quite some time since freestyling with my locks.  Everytime I wash my hair I've been feeling the need to do a braidout or use my lock loops.  On Friday night, after washing my hair I decided to let my locks air dry a bit before putting some cornrows in and then it hit me.....I can just let my locks air dry.  I just let them do their thing, when I woke up Saturday morning it was surprising to see that I didnt' experience any shrinkage.  I was definitely happy about that, what I wasn't too pleased about is the fact that you can really see the difference in length and fullness between the left and right.  Ugh!! I'm probably making it a bigger deal than it should be, but it really baffles me.  Its about a good half inch difference in length.  Look at the right side closely (although I'm wearing black) you can see the fullness and length difference. As I sit here typing I can feel the right side touching my back as well as the middle and nothing doing on the left. Oh well....can't do much to change it.

So as usual I digressed off topic...I come back to freestyling.  When my locks have no additives (braids/curls) its seems a bit flatter and without body then when I actually do something to it, but you know its a great way to rock if I just need a refresher in the morning.  Although its chilly here, I will wet my head under the shower stall and then jump in my car and go to work in a heartbeat.   Hopefully I will avoid a pneumonia!! 

By the way -- which way do you like better? Center or side part?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sisterlock Website Video

I  just finished watching the commentary on the sisterlock website in response to the "Good Hair" documentary by Chris Rock.  You won't hear anything you haven't heard already, but its definetly worth looking it if not for at least the various styles you can wear your SL's in as well as the colors.  Check out the three parts on the sisterlock website.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The look for Today

It's raining, badly here in NJ and I took some photos hoping to brighten the gloomy day! Didn't really work,but check it out anyway! Lol!  Nothing new to my hair, this is the old braidout from Sunday that I talked about not drying too well.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hair Density

I did a braid out last night after washing my hair with the starter shampoo and using the sl moisture treatment. As a leave in I used the Organix coconut milk split ends mender. I finished putting my braids in around 11:30 PM. I went to bed and I just took them out 11:30 AM, 12 hours. Can you believe my locks actually still are not dry? My roots are still damp and I would say this is due to the locks swelling (locking) and taking a longer time to dry. Good news again, but not because as they get longer the air drying time will continue to increase. I'm not open to the idea of using a dryer to dry my hair because I'm against any heat. Anyone experiencing this?

Friday, December 4, 2009

Close Up

Anytime I'm driving I find myself playing in my hair. And I was just thinking how they have definitely doubled in size since installation. So I took a close up picture to examine and yes they have. This journey is definitely ever changing.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stages of Hair Locking

So many of my fellow bloggers are stating that they are locked, or a few of there locks have fully locked.  With that I had to ask myself am I there and I'm oblivious to it or are these small changes that I've noticed truly my hair locking.

Thus far I've noticed:
1. The knot in the middle of some locks
2.  Locks in the back have sealed on the ends
3.  I no longer see the pattern just hair.

I got my inquisition on and started using the infamous Google search engine and found the:

Locking Stages

Once you have your starter locks, if you are like most may be impatient to be completely locked. It is understandable but remember that locks are a lesson in patience. No matter what way you start your locks there will be an amount time that you will have to wait before they are completely mature. The amount of time will depend on your hair type and the method that you used to start your locks.
Knowing the locking stages will help you to as you are waiting. You will know what to expect and also when you are making progress. There are three basic locking stages baby locks, teenage locks and mature locks.

Baby Locks

The baby lock stage starts from the moment you start your initial locks until they first start to bud and mat. That could be anywhere from three to six months all depending on your hair type. If your hair is coily or curly it may be on the shorter side. If you have wavy hair that is soft and fine you may have to wait a little longer for this stage to pass.
During the baby stage you will need to be extra careful with your hair if you have started your locks with coils, or rolls. You need to give them some time to set so you will want to wait at least 3 weeks (but no more than 4) to allow them to settle. During that time you can cleanse your scalp with an astringent and you will want to have your hair retightened by palm rolling or twisting.
If your hair was started by double twisting, braiding, interlocking, or with extensions. You will not have to worry as much about your locks coming undone but you still need to be careful while washing especially if you have a resistant hair type.

Teenage Locks

The teenage time is characterized that may want to do their own thing. They will be budding, forming little balls of solid matted hair, in the middle and at the tip. Your hair may look very fuzzy and frizzy. And it can be frustrating to know what to do with it at times. Don’t despair all locks go through this stage. It only last for a few months to a year.
Avoid the temptation to gel the strands in to submission, over twist or stress about your hair. It will turn out right in time. Just stay on top of your maintenance – re-twisting, palm rolling, or interlocking – for your lock type. Remember to separate after washing to keep your bases from joining and continue being patient.
If you started your locks with coils you will want to wash your hair every two weeks. If you want your hair to stay looking neat you will have to palm roll or twist your hair each time you wash. If you started your hair with braids twists or interlocking you have a little more freedom to wash your hair more often.

Mature Locks

Mature Locks are characterized by locks that are completely locked from tip to base. They are stronger and can stand up to most handling. Most locks reach maturity within two years. If your hair is coily or curly it will probably reach maturity sooner.
Once your lock are at this stage you may decide that you want to wait a little longer between maintenance or you can keep the same schedule. You will be able to wash your hair as much as you like and you can use some types of conditioner, which is not really recommended during the other two stages of the locking process.

With all that said, I'm definitely in the Teenage stage of locking, it may be due to me coloring in month 6, with that I may be here for a while :-)  Guess only time will tell!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Newly Sisterlocked Interview #4

This lovely lady has joined the Sisterlocked family in the past few months after having traditional locks for 7 years.  Read on about her wonderful journey thus far:

Gigglz:  How long did you want sisterlocks before actually getting them installed?

I’ve wanted Sisterlocks for years. Before I started my traditional locks 7 years ago I met a woman with Sisterlocks that she got installed in another state. I was not able to find anyone in Houston who did them so I went traditional. 7 years later, here I am!!!

Gigglz:  How long were you natural before getting sisterlocks?

I was natural 1 ½ years before traditionally locking and I wore traditional locks for 7 years before I decided to get sisterlocks.

Gigglz:  How many consultations did you have before deciding on one, and did price play a part in your decision (honestly)?

I had 3 phone consultations with 2 consultants and 1 trainee, but I only did 1 actual consultation. The consultant I went with was actually more expensive than the others, so I guess price did not play a part.

Gigglz:  What made you choose your consultant?

There were so many signs pointing me to my consultant. I got a really good vibe from her through our phone conversation. She even told me how to take down my traditional locks so that I could save more length. I got her number from the Sisterlock website, then when I talked to a lady at my church about her SLs I discovered it was the same consultant! After talking on the phone and scheduling the consultation I met another one of her clients in the grocery store when I was compelled to ask her if she had sisterlocks. To top it all off, she lives less than 10 minutes away!

Gigglz: How many hours did it take?

17.5 hours in one day!

Gigglz:  What was your initial reaction to them?

I loved them from test locks all the way to install! I guess because I have wanted them for so long, I didn’t care what they looked like in the beginning because I knew their potential, but I was absolutely satisfied the moment they were all in. I was fascinated with the parts!

Gigglz:  Do you see any disadvantages to sisterlocks?

Nope! I am a pretty committed person. I mean, I wore traditional locks for 7 years. So I was cool with committing to sisterlocks. I prefer sisterlocks to traditionals because I will be able to style them more.

Gigglz:  What products do you use and how often do you use them?

I’m one month SL’d so I am only using water spritz and the SL starter shampoo.

Gigglz:  What hair accessories do you wear?

None right now…..I am soooo low maintenance

Gigglz:  What do you wear to protect your hair at night?

I wear a satin bonnet, and it seems to be working out nicely

Gigglz:  How do you feel about your SL's today?

I am absolutely in LOVE!!!!! I play in my hair often, because I am excited about how small they are. I have been able to put curls in my hair (thanks for the lock loop tips) and I don’t have any complaints.

Pic One - Traditional Locks
Pic Two - Sisterlocks (front view)
Pic Three - Sisterlock (right side view)
Pic Four - Sisterlocks (left side view0

Keep up with her journey at:



Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Things to remember...yet so easy to forget

As I get further away from being a quote on quote a newbie I tend to forget the simple things that helped me along in my journey thus far. Since I've been talking to a lot of sisters off line about the beginning stages of the journey it is a good idea to revisit them.

The list below are the simple yet vital things that should be done in the beginning stages.

1. When washing your hair, don't put the braids in too tight.  You can't wash the locks as well.

2. Don't use black rubber brands on dark brown/black hair.  You can't see to take them out.

3. Do check that you separated ALL the locks twice.

4. Don't use products just cause. Truly have a need for it, otherwise use a spritz of water.

5. Sleep with satin bonnet or satin pillowcase.

6. If your locks are too short to braid, be sure to bundle.

7. There is no cause for concern if you have slippage, its part of the journey (even in month 8).

What worked for you?



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