Sunday, November 29, 2009

Share your Compliments!

Compliments tend to come when your feeling like its time for a retightening or you did absolutely nothing to your SL's.  Please let me know what was the best compliment you have received to date? Was it a total stranger, loved one, friend, co-worker? And how did it make you feel?

We get them all the time, please share....

And another one

I finished my full head retightening on Thursday morning and I combined a lot more locks because I've noticed that a few were thin and needed to be combined.  I'm still using a 3 pt rotation and I'm finding that even at a 4 week cycle I have to do more than one rotation so I know that my hair is still growing at the same pace as before.  For the locks that I did combine I'm debating if I should sew the strands together so that they lock together.  I don't know about that one because its currently not noticeable.  Going through each lock it seems as though they have really plumped up on the ends.  A lot of them in the back and middle have locked halfway up the lock and I'm really excited to see this change happening.  Although I don't think they will get much bigger I don't want them too because I really love the size of them now.

I washed my hair put my trusty lock loops in and was happy with the results.  A friend of mine who had traditional locks told me about a new styling technique.  Basically curl around your finger and clip, almost like a pin curl with some gel.  I'm going to use mousse instead and see how that comes out.  Of course pics will be posted.  Till next time.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Hoping you all have a safe, blessed, and enjoyable Thanksgiving!  Please take the time and appreciate all that you have, family, friends, and loved ones! 

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I think my hair is there, at a standstill.  I started retightening and I feel like my hair is not growing anymore.  Ok thats not entirely right becuase if it wasn't growing I wouldn't have anything to retighten but at the same time the change isn't as apparent.  I'm at the in-between stage where my locks are just filling in now, but the overall look isn't much different from before.  Since a visual effect always proves what is truly going on I had to do a comparison. 

So here it is a month 5 and month 7, what is very apparent is that my left side is growing at a much slower pace than the right.  So it is growing, and I need to exercise more PATIENCE!!!   We can easily get discouraged in this journey so make sure you are taking pictures to remind you that things are progressing, SLOWLY, but progressing!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

One would think

That since it was my birthday that I had some grand ole plans going on this weekend.  Well I didn't!  The highlight of my weekend was seeing Disney on Ice, which was very nice.  No new hair updates besides a wash with no braiding and banding I might add and then a braid out. With a braidout it puts a lot of tension on my locks around the edges so I'm going to have to limit it to 2x a month so I don't pull to much and end up with thin roots.  This weeks plan is to start my retightening which I'm in no hurry to do and I've noticed some bunching on a lot of locks in teh back and I was able to pull some of the bunching out.  During my retightening I will be focusing on pulling whatever bunching I can out at the same time so this one may take a bit long.  More to come on that though!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Newly Sisterlocked Interview #3

Please welcome another newbie to the sisterlock family and journey.   As most of you are well on your journey, please leave any comments for a newbie based on her interview. 

Gigglz: How long did you want sisterlocks before actually getting them installed?
-All of two weeks.
-I had a consult on Monday, October 5, 2009 after finding and researching all day Saturday, October 3, 2009.
-I had the test locks installed that day.
-I washed my hair the recommended two times over the next two weeks.
-I had my install completed Friday, October 30, 2009 over two days.

Gigglz:  How long were you natural before getting sisterlocks?
-March 2007 to current

Gigglz:  How many consultations did you have before deciding on one, and did price play a part in your decision (honestly)?
-I found one certified consultant in Buffalo, NY and one trainee in Albany.
-I decided on my consultant entirely based on the fact that she was certified through the website and her dialogue both over the phone and at the initial consultation was verbatim according to the Sisterlock website.
-I, like many other SLs have done considerable research and expect the SL experience to run according to plan and utmost professionalism.
-Pricing was within industry standards and reinforced by her posted fee schedule.

Gigglz:  What made you choose your consultant?
She was
- professional,
- provided a relaxing environment,
-did not deviate from the Sisterlock experience
-and very, very diligent about keeping her hands clean while working in my hair.

Gigglz:  How many hours did it take?
-9.5 hrs (392 locks)

Gigglz:  What was your initial reaction to them?
-Love at first site.

Gigglz:  Do you see any disadvantages to sisterlocks?
-Absolutely not.

Gigglz:  What products do you use and how often do you use them?
-A water/sweet almond oil spritz nearly everyday.
-A teaspoon of SL moisturizer once a week.
-SL starter shampoo.

Gigglz:  What hair accessories do you wear?
-Silk scarves occasionally.

Gigglz:  What do you wear to protect your hair at night?
-Silk scarves.

Gigglz:  How do you feel about your SL's today?
-The love affair continues.
-I randomly ask people all the time, "Don't you just love my Sisterlocks?!!!!"

Photos Below are Day One. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

8 mos locked and its my birthday!!!!

It has been a full eight months today, and at 8 months I'm definitely still very pleased with my locks. In the past two weeks, 2 woman that have a blog have decided to end the journey. Wow! I don't know what I will be feeling to make the decision. I see it as a pretty tough one to make. However, that's not to say I'm not having issues. Just so newbies, or those considering SL's understand there are issues with every hairstyle. Thus far in my personal experience at 8 months I'm still dealing with:

1. Slippage
2. Unraveling from the end
3. The locks in the front sides seem to be a bit skinny, going to have to start combining along the hairline.
4. Still not locked, hence still Braiding and Banding
All in all, I still love my sisterlocks!!!  On to month 9!!!

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Monday, November 16, 2009

The Take Down!!

Although the style was smoking it can't last for me. There are a few valid reasons that this won't make it longer than a few days. My hair is so DRY!! Its not dry to the touch, but the hair out looks brittle and this is after adding oil to it, on numerous occasions. I'm definitely not used to my hair looking dry, PROBLEM. Its almost as if I've had the style for weeks already. Secondly, my hair looks fuzzy, the twists are fuzzy!! Yuck! Again like I've had it in for weeks, and I'm wrapping my hair at night. Thirdly, I'm getting tension bumps in the back because its a bit tighter than I like. Not tight where I'm in pain, but enough for bumps. Fourth, my hair is itching. I've you've kept up with me you know that itchy scalp is not something I suffer from, so PROBLEM. Lastly, I'm just over looking at myself with this side going crazy, just over looking like this. BS (before SL's) I changed my style frequently, and SL's provide versatility, this is versatile for an event but normal activities, I pass. All in all, I think this is all due to the shampoo, conditioner, and mousse she used to do my hair. Just a reminder, that not all products work on my locks.

Someone please remind me when I get a bright idea to get my hair styled that I should have a place to show it off!!!

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mohawk Time

As I mentioned in a previous post I was going to get my hair styled by a professional on 11/14.  I went back and forth, and forth and back if I actually wanted to go get it done because I really had no place to go.  It turned out that I did go out last night to a sports bar to watch the anticipated boxing match between Pacquio and Cotto (I digress).  In any event, on Thursday the salon called to confirm my appointment for "creative styling".  Creative styling, ok thats an interesting way to say it but it peaked my interest evevn more and I went with my gut feeling and confirmed and went to my appt Saturday morning.  The stylist was very eccentric and artsy but I loved her shop and the positive aura she gave off.  She washed my hair vigorously and I experienced no slippage or bunching so you know that means I won't be B&B any longer!! Glad thats over with.  She also put a conditioner in, and then got to it, within 15 minutes maybe even less I ended up with this.  I love it, and although its a bit tight because I'm not used to any tension in my hair its not too uncomfortable.  I will probably keep this for close to to 2 weeks, we will see how that goes.  This definitely makes me want my locks to grow longer to get more "CREATIVE STYLES"!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Locking or Thinning at the Root?????

I'm almost 8 months locked and I'm still not 100% certain what my hair should look and feel like when it is locked, or has begun locking.  My assumption is that since I have been locked for almost 8 months that I am well under way in the locking process.  I started feeling around and felt up my lock.  At the end and going up the middle of the lock it feels spongy like, soft and thicker than before.  I assume that means the hair is no longer tight in the pattern but has coiled around itself.  Now as you go further up the lock with your fingers there is like a harder spot than the sponge like spot and as you continue going up the lock gets tight and skinnier.  Basically, what I think is going on is the portion that is skinny has not locked yet so that is why its tight and still in the pattern, the soft spongy portion has locked.  I hope I did a good job explaining, but I know that a picture is worth a 1000 words...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Braid out is a go!

I did the braid out on freshly washed hair on Friday night and today is Tuesday and I still have tons of crinkles! This is definitely going to be a staple style for a while, because the lock loops just aren't doing what they used to do for me. I wonder if the Organix had anything to do with the hold? Looks like some more experimentation is coming up!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Well what do you know....

Over this weekend, I got a lot of compliments on my locks and got engaged in a whole conversation with a natural head and her mother who is a traditional lock wearer.  It was my mother and I, and in the course of conversation my mother admitted that she literally HATED my locks when I first got them done.  I took her side of course and defended the statement saying yes at first they were bushy ends and it looked kind of crazy.  Although, I knew she didn't like them it was a bit shocking to hear her say it, surprisingly enough my feelings weren't hurt.  Maybe because after that she did of course say that now that its growing she said it looks nicer and she likes them.  But the whole conversation got me to thinking, anytime you get anything freshly done naturally no additives i.e. perm, jherri curl, texturizer what have you, it always takes awhile for things to settle in.  However, we all are part of the microwave culture we want speedy results all the time, and we've come to expect it.  Now with SL's you have learn patience, and accept what is going on because you dont' have much control over how your hair behaves during the process.  The changes are happening weekly whether its the growth the texture or just the bend of them I never know what I'm going to see in the morning and I love that versatility.  Definitely as my locks get older I find that they definitely look better on me, and I'm wearing them proudly!!!  

Friday, November 6, 2009

Organix is a Keeper

The results are in!!! Last night, I decided it was time to test out the products.  I jumped in the shower with my four bundles (thats the amount I'm down to now).  I opened the shampoo bottle and the smell is so soothing and relaxing.  I poured the shampoo in my hand and then started in the front and worked it through my scalp, can I tell you it just felt like butter on my locks.  I did two shampoos, and then I used the conditioner.  I mostly focused on my ends with the conditioner (even still in the bundles) and oh my felt like someone else's hands were in my head it felt so great!!! When I got out the shower I was pleased to see my curly q's weren't retarted (and not curly q's) so I was pleased with the products.  I then used the split ends mender to do a braid out.  I put in about 9 jailhouse cornrows (straight back) and  I went to bed.  This morning I took them out and my hair still feels lightweight and I feel like it has a shine to it.  What do you think?  I definitely like this product and it will be mixed in with my SL shampoo going forward weekly.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

It got the Best of Me!!

Alright, I admit, just last week I had a post about only using water on my hair.  Well, time to throw another product in my mix.....I keep up with another blog that is for loose hair and I read to see the newest product crave on natural hair.   For this week it was, Organix, ironically enough this week, A Sista who locked also discussed Organix.   C'mon a lockhead and a loose head both craving about the same product, like my title says, it got the best of me!!!   From the convo with my boyfriend I was in the process of buying some more green tea oil, but after reading the rave reviews about the coconut Organix shampoo/conditioner I had to look it up.  I did my research and I also found that they have a mouse, leave in conditioner, nourishing split ends mender, repair treatment and styling cream.  With the options, I went to the store on a mission. I came back with the shampoo, conditioner, and the split ends mender (why, but thats all they had)? LOL!!  As soon as I put the bags down I pumped two times of the mender, and the smell is divine as everyone has been raving.  I put it on, and my daughter immediately asked whats that smell......that alone is a keeper!!! Having coconut smelling locks, I can't wait.

You know what the most ironic thing of all is to me is for years I've always wanted to know why all other womans  hair smelled so delicious and our shampoos never smelled like anything but chemicals.  I cannot wait to swing my locks with a coconut smell left in the air!!! 


Only two words!!! GO YANKEES!!!  I'm not a huge baseball fan, but I found myself staying up late, missing all my reality TV shows to watch the Yankees play in the playoffs and the World Series.  I was so interested and I felt like I had a stake in them winning! Then to see Jay Z and Alicia Keys perform that was like another milestone for HIP HOP!!  Seriously, I'm even thinking about taking the day off to to go the parade, in the cold!!! GO YANKEES!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Change in Locks

I don't know what is up with my hair.  I used some lock loops on Sunday and today the curls have already dropped.  They look more like just some wild curly hairs on my head.  My locks don't feel any heavier than what they used to feel like, and they aren't much longer than before making this drastic change in holding curls.  And no, my hair was freshly washed, so its not dirty.   I wonder if its possibly because my locks are actually locking causing this change.  This is a welcomed change and I'm going to have to go back to some braid outs which is quick, easy, and a snap to do. Just another change in the journey. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Smell of my Locks

Just to give a back story, my boyfriend supported me 100% in getting sisterlocks and to this day, he plays with them in public, at home, any chance he gets.  Over the weekend he was leaning over me and I find him smelling my hair. I ask "something wrong with my hair"

He -no, but it doesn't smell how it used to
Me - does it smell
He - no, it doesn't really smell like anything, but it used to smell like
Me (I cut him off) - oh, I haven't put any oil in it
He - yeah it doesn't smell like juices and berries

Wow!!  I need to pull back out my green tea oil, now!!! LMAO!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Newly Sisterlocked Interview #2

Ladies - I was closely involved with helping this sister find a consultant and she has definitely gone through it.  Please show some support.  

Gigglz: How long did you want sisterlocks before actually getting them installed?

I have contemplated sisterlocks for about a year, but waivered back and
forth. It was in March or April of 2009 that I knew that this summer that
would be it!!! Unfortunately it didn't exactly happen like that. I wasn't
locked until October.

Gigglz: How long were you natural before getting sisterlocks?

I did "the big chop" in 2006 and watched the fro gro from that point! I
experimented with different styles, but the 2 strand twist out was my fav.
Unfortunately, my hair began to break because of the harsh dryness and
virtually ripping out knots after washing.

Gigglz:  How many consultations did you have before deciding on one, and did price play a part in your decision (honestly)?

Wow my consultant journey was almost as pricy as getting locs! Lol, but I
saw 5 and 1/2 consultants, the half was one that I spoke with and e-mail
several times, but she would never commit to a consult??? Price was a huge
factor in making my decision. Times are hard right now and I have 4 kids, so
1200 dollars (which was one quote) was not an option for me.

Gigglz:  What made you choose your consultant?

I chose my consultant for several reasons. She is a licensed hair stylist
who works in a natural hair salon and she had beautiful pics of some of the
styles she had done, she had a great personality she was very informative,
and last but not least the price was right.

Gigglz:  How many hours did it take?
Hours???? 3 days!!!!! We started 6am on a Sunday and worked till about
1am; of course we stopped for breaks. Next day from about 8-12ish, and the
last day was from about 8 until almost 2am!

Gigglz:  What was your initial reaction to them?  
My first reaction was ooooooh s**t!!! what did I do??? I had a bunch of
micro braid sticking straight up. I panicked. They were also super small.
But my consultant told me that they will swell over time ( my fingers are
still crossed) and that styling will help with the look, so she braided them
down and I left them in for 5 days because I was terrified to see them. But,
when I did I felt better. They were still too small for me but the braid out
gave them more shape. As for now I think I've come to the realization that
it may be the varying lengths of my hair that created the unshaped
appearance. My hair is short in the front and back from breaking off and
long in the middle, so I had kind of a micro braid mullet look. However, I
do still feel that they are too small, but I plan to correct that by
marrying them. It's not just a process getting sisterlocs, it's also a
process getting acclimated to them, a process that I am still going through.
I JUST stopped wearing headbands this past week and I found I got more
compliments. I guess the flaws are more noticeable to me!!!

Gigglz:  Do you see any disadvantages to sisterlocks?

Disadvantages, I think there are always some degree of disadvantages to
anything we do, but for me the benefits by far outweigh the disadvantages.
It's also still early for me I'm one week away from my 1 month
anniversary!!! But I can tell you that I am not looking forward to the
retightening. My backside is still traumatized from the instillation!

Gigglz:  How do you feel about your SL's today?

Today, right now my locs and I are friends. We started out enemies, became
acquaintances, and now we are friends. I'm hoping that as we become more
familiar with each other we can move up to BFF's and then get married. Being
that I am an impatient person I do hope it's not a long courtship!!! : ) and
I want to add that our relationship isn't progressing because we are stuck
together, I have no qualms about chopping them off. It's just that I can see
the possibility in them; I can see what they are going to become in time,
and when I think of that I get excited and remember the feeling I would get
as I looked up thousands of pics online.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Newly Sisterlocked Interview #1

Recently, a few of my blog friends have gotten there sisterlocks installed and I thought it would be a good idea to interview them and see what exactly make us choose sisterlocks and also how they felt and feel now.  

Gigglz: How long did you want sisterlocks before actually getting them installed?

I thought about getting sisterlocks for about 5 months before getting them installed.

Gigglz: How long were you natural before getting sisterlocks?

I did the BC in September last year......and my sisterlocks were installed in August this that's 11 months.

Gigglz:  How many consultations did you have before deciding on one, and did price play a part in your decision (honestly)?

I had quite a few phone conversations mostly with trainees in my area and two actual consultations.  I tend to be a little quiet and softspoken - some mistake this for passive or uninterested - and so I was looking particularly for that person who wouldn't view me as a potential "mark".  I was looking for someone who is dedicated to doing a fabulous job, is honest, is a straight-talker, returns my calls, answers my questions honestly (yes even if the answer is "girl I haven't a clue") and has a great attitude.  Price really became an issue once I figured out that the trainee that I almost had install my locks was going to charge me more for the installation than my very experienced consultant was.

Gigglz:  What made you choose your consultant?  

I was the 91st head my consultant installed.  I spoke to a few of her clients who have active blogs or who I "ran" into on facebook and they gave her excellent referrals.  I then went in to meet her and had my consult.  Of course while I was there I got to meet a couple of her current clients who had beautiful sisterlocks.......a walking advertisement if you ask me.  She charged what I thought was a very fair price.  I'm glad I went with her.  I have lots of hair.  She installed all 550 of my locks in 18 or 19 hours (like childbirth the details are getting fuzzier by the moment).  She did my first retightening in just under 4 hours.

Gigglz:  What was your initial reaction to them?  

My initial reaction?  "What in the world did I just do to myself?"  And I stayed there for about two weeks.

Gigglz:  Do you see any disadvantages to sisterlocks?

Well right this second, I would say that the real length of my hair remains hidden with the sisterlocks.  I do worry that at this particular stage my hair does look completely wild and crazy and most people aren't quite sure what to make of it.  Starting out as short as I did, there doesn't really seem to be too much I can do with it, especially since I have it my head that the less I bother my hair the quicker it will settle down.  I do realize that this isn't proven and could very well be the excuse that I subconsciously use to do nothing to my hair..........

Gigglz:  How do you feel about your SL's today? 

I love them.  I wake up every morning a complete and utter mess.  It is truly frightening according to my husband.  But there is a transformation that happens in the shower when they get wet.  One that I absolutely love.  All I have to do is shake, pin up or pull back my hair and go.  It takes me more time to brush my teeth than it does to "do" my hair.  So when I am getting the questioning looks as I go about my life, I smile and think to myself......."yes in under 2 minutes you too can have this look!!!!"


P.S -- she is a little camera shy so no front shots.

Based on the responses, can you say you felt the same way, different?  

Are you be interested in being interviewed for a newbie to gauge on there feelings going forward??  Email me offline if you are


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