Thursday, November 19, 2009

Newly Sisterlocked Interview #3

Please welcome another newbie to the sisterlock family and journey.   As most of you are well on your journey, please leave any comments for a newbie based on her interview. 

Gigglz: How long did you want sisterlocks before actually getting them installed?
-All of two weeks.
-I had a consult on Monday, October 5, 2009 after finding and researching all day Saturday, October 3, 2009.
-I had the test locks installed that day.
-I washed my hair the recommended two times over the next two weeks.
-I had my install completed Friday, October 30, 2009 over two days.

Gigglz:  How long were you natural before getting sisterlocks?
-March 2007 to current

Gigglz:  How many consultations did you have before deciding on one, and did price play a part in your decision (honestly)?
-I found one certified consultant in Buffalo, NY and one trainee in Albany.
-I decided on my consultant entirely based on the fact that she was certified through the website and her dialogue both over the phone and at the initial consultation was verbatim according to the Sisterlock website.
-I, like many other SLs have done considerable research and expect the SL experience to run according to plan and utmost professionalism.
-Pricing was within industry standards and reinforced by her posted fee schedule.

Gigglz:  What made you choose your consultant?
She was
- professional,
- provided a relaxing environment,
-did not deviate from the Sisterlock experience
-and very, very diligent about keeping her hands clean while working in my hair.

Gigglz:  How many hours did it take?
-9.5 hrs (392 locks)

Gigglz:  What was your initial reaction to them?
-Love at first site.

Gigglz:  Do you see any disadvantages to sisterlocks?
-Absolutely not.

Gigglz:  What products do you use and how often do you use them?
-A water/sweet almond oil spritz nearly everyday.
-A teaspoon of SL moisturizer once a week.
-SL starter shampoo.

Gigglz:  What hair accessories do you wear?
-Silk scarves occasionally.

Gigglz:  What do you wear to protect your hair at night?
-Silk scarves.

Gigglz:  How do you feel about your SL's today?
-The love affair continues.
-I randomly ask people all the time, "Don't you just love my Sisterlocks?!!!!"

Photos Below are Day One. 


msfullroller said...

Welcome to the locked family!!!

Anonymous said...


I'm celebrating my one year lock anniversary.

Email me for pics!

Keeta said...


Guess who is going to the Buffalo, NY Sisterlock Training tomorrow?

Me! I will send you the highlights.



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