Monday, November 16, 2009

The Take Down!!

Although the style was smoking it can't last for me. There are a few valid reasons that this won't make it longer than a few days. My hair is so DRY!! Its not dry to the touch, but the hair out looks brittle and this is after adding oil to it, on numerous occasions. I'm definitely not used to my hair looking dry, PROBLEM. Its almost as if I've had the style for weeks already. Secondly, my hair looks fuzzy, the twists are fuzzy!! Yuck! Again like I've had it in for weeks, and I'm wrapping my hair at night. Thirdly, I'm getting tension bumps in the back because its a bit tighter than I like. Not tight where I'm in pain, but enough for bumps. Fourth, my hair is itching. I've you've kept up with me you know that itchy scalp is not something I suffer from, so PROBLEM. Lastly, I'm just over looking at myself with this side going crazy, just over looking like this. BS (before SL's) I changed my style frequently, and SL's provide versatility, this is versatile for an event but normal activities, I pass. All in all, I think this is all due to the shampoo, conditioner, and mousse she used to do my hair. Just a reminder, that not all products work on my locks.

Someone please remind me when I get a bright idea to get my hair styled that I should have a place to show it off!!!

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A Sista Who Locked said...

Oh wow.... Man, I hate to see you have to take it down, but I bet it is like you said; the products are the enemy, and that moouse is prob a big culprit too!

Mile High Sisterlocks said...

Too Bad - I really like the Mohawk on you.

Bajan Lily said...

You had me scared - I thought you meant you were taking your locks down (seems like a lot of people are doing that lately...)

I guess no more mousse for you :)

Gigglz said...

Yes mousse is just a no go. And no idea what products hmm, not that great of an idea either.

@bajan lily-yes woman are taking there locks down or cutting them a lot. Whew, I don't think I'm catching that fever, you?


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