Sunday, September 18, 2011

2 and a half years

Just a quick update.

As they says its not just a hairstyle its a lifestyle.  Over the time frame I have tested and tried different products but I have come back to the sisterlock products for washing and conditioning my locks.  Additionally, from my most recent post I will only be using henna to color my hair and for the added conditioning properties of it.  The less you do to them the easier the daily management of them becomes.  I use Carol's daughter Tui Oil in between washing which is every week and that's it.  I also continue to maintain my SL's myself. I don't even bother looking for trainees/consultants anymore because I always walk away disappointed. 

Here I come year 3, still loving my locks!!! 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


A few weeks ago I met up with a lady whom I've kept in contact with locally. She had her sisterlocks installed give/take 6 months after me. When I saw her locks I loved the highlights she had in her hair. When I asked if it naturally grew out like that she said no it was her grays that turned color from henna. You know the product junkie that I am I started asking more questions and where I could purchase it from. She said online, well that couldn't be a better answer. I came home and logged onto the Mehandi website and ordered henna for African American hair. I strongly suggest if you are interested in using henna that you read the wealth of information that is on the website.
Moving forward a week or so later I finally received my package. Now knowing that I was in love with my brownish color locks I was a little apprehensive to jump right in and use it. It was Labor Day this past weekend (as you already know) and I had plans to go out. I had plans to stay in all day Monday and get prepped for my daughters first day. With my anticipation of staying in Monday I mixed up the henna on Sunday afternoon around 1pm with a little bit more than a cup of OJ and smidget of water. My disclaimer on that, just follow the directions given in the box because who knows if I put too much, too little. I mixed it all up covered it with saran wrap and kept it moving. As with my social life at the last minute I decided to go out Sunday night and I didn't get home until midday Monday, exhausted at that.
I look at my henna and say to myself now that's a wasted batch but at the same token I don't want to just throw it out. This morning I woke up and I figure I will take my chances and slather it all on, hey its natural what could go wrong. LOL!
I put my hair into six sections and put my gloves on (very important)! I started in the back and literally felt like I was putting dirt on my hair. My consistency wasn't thick but more like a paste. I go thru each section carefully making sure that I applied to my roots and all the way down to my ends because they really needed the conditioning properties. After about 20 minutes I was done. My boyfriend helped wrap my hair up in saran wrap like a cone head and I then put a towel on my head as well to keep in the heat from my body. I left the henna in from 9am to about 2:30.
Here are the results!

Washing it out was not difficult at all and I did so in the shower. I used no conditioner or shampoo. Although the smell is still a bit herbal I have yet to put any oil in my hair. My hair feels a bit softer but not dry and I'm happy about that. I will take another picture in a few days because the color is supposed to oxidize a bit more over the course of a few days. What do you think??
I like it :-) and I see myself using this going forward for the strength, coloring, conditioning properties. And I would love to have big locks so if this helps with that process I'm all for it!


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