Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Holiday Thoughts

Happy Holidays to all my blog family, I know I'm late!

As a New Year is coming to a close I always reflect on what I have accomplished, what I can do better, and what I want to eliminate or add to my life in the next year. I'm not one for resolutions because those should come as life changes not just because the calendar flips. With that said, I got to thinking about this blog. I originally created it because I wanted to chronicle the changes my locks go through and post for everyone to see. As I'm closer to my 2 year mark I haven't really noticed changes in my locks besides growth and the color change which I invoke. I do find myself taking photos but more so of the styles and not exactly a good look of my locks definition and thickness. I have not done a good job of informing those who are now considered my blog family on what I'm up to and that was the main purpose. I'm beginning to feel as if my effort or I should say lack of effort is futile to maintain this blog. I'm going to start or attempt to post monthly of what is going on and see how well that goes. Hope you all have a safe and healthy new year!!


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