Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Definitely not all LUV..in a funk foreal!

Not a clue what to do with my hair. Tired of rollers, bantu knots, braid outs, freestyle all of them just make my hair look ..I don't know but I don't like it. The braid outs leave my hair frizzy, the rollers and bantu knots only last a day even if I use the highly talked about Taliah Waajid mousse ..yeah whatever still one day makes no difference. What I've been doing is putting my head under the shower stream getting out and going with a pin up here or there. Still not loving it...where did the love go? I'm in desperate need of a retightening which I don't feel like doing nor dealing with someone else to do...what's a girl to do. I will get to it eventually.

All in all at month 16 .. Not loving my SL's they are just here. The front has still not sealed so it looks like half curly yet uneven ends. The back and sides have sealed ... Just over it right now but trying to get past this phase of funk!


NESSessary said...

Don't worry girl we all get into that kinda funk! I don't have a funk in regards to styling because I'm just not into styling my locs right now, but there are some days where I feel like my locs aren't progressing as fast as I would have thought at this point of the journey (18 months). But then I try to remind myself that for most people it takes up to a year to two years to really have locs that are fully mature, sometimes even longer. Hang in there!

Felicia said...

Hey Gigglz!!

I'm feelin' you right now!!! My locks are 17 months and someone told me that they are in the "rebellious teenage phase." They want to do what ever they feel like doing. My locks are mostly sealed in the back, but none in the front or on the sides. You are not alone. Maybe it's that free-spirit summer kind of thing going on with them, I don't know, nevertheless, I'm hanging in there with you!!!

msfullroller said...

Hang in there Sis!

Beverly Toney said...

Hang in there and look to those whose locks are more mature to see your rewards...that is why I am looking to you! I am 5.5 months locked and your progress inspires me! The "funk" is sure to pass and I look forward to reading your posts about your gorgeously styled locks in the future.

HAIR I AM said...

You are one of my inspiration on this journey. Your locks are gorgeous. You will have better days soon.

Gigglz said...

Thanks for all the kind words ladies! It definitely helps in the rough times.


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