Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mayo n Egg conditioner part deux

Last night I once again did the egg and mayo conditioner, and this time I used one egg and less mayo. I mixed it up and put in back in the fridge hoping the mixture would become a little thicker in consistency. Well it didn't! Lol :-). There was a lot less this time so I figured it shouldn't run like it did previousl . I jumped in the shower put it all over my head and sat for an hour with little to no leaking. Yippie!

Now an hour passed and I was ready to wash it out. I remembered that I had cooked egg particles in my locks the first time so I made sure to use cold (frigid) water. Albeit uncomfortable, I withstood the water and washed it out squeaky clean. Now it was time to get that horrid smell off my locks. I grabbed my Aubrey Organics conditioner applied it mostly to the ends, put the water slightly (operative word) warmer and washed it out.

So I'm all done and I go to the mirror, do you know what I see. Egg particles!!! Humph! Are you kidding me! Now I spend a good 10 minutes in the mirror picking them out! Yuck! All of that, and I must say my locks feel no different and I don't see any extra shine. Why did I do this again????????

Next time around (my calendar reminder is set for 60 days) I'm only going to use mayo and I'm going lather it up!!!

Stay tuned.....

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