Monday, October 26, 2009

Lets Take it Back!!

I just started on my retightening today and I'm feeling oh so lazy!!!! I do enjoy doing my own hair, but I have so much more I need to get done this week, but I have to find the time because I don't want my locks going longer than 4 weeks without a retightening.  Did you know that your roots can get weak if you go to long without a retightening...well I'm not willing to chance it.  I do have my hair appt set for 11/14 just so I can get a style for no good reason.  I don't even have any plans, but I want to see what can be done.  Check out the pictures to this salon and let me know what you think, you might even get some ideas for yourself  There is also a licensed consultant there, but you know how it goes, I have to go for a consultation before she can work on my locks.  Yada, yada!  So styling it is for now, but knowing myself I may cancel.  

In another post I mentioned that I'm not so in awe of my locks like I have been. But I went looking at some old pictures of how I wore my hair, and I really liked how I looked with kinky twists which of course gave me the courage to take the plunge with sisterlocks.  So here is my blast from the I'm almost there with my own hair and looking better than ever!!! I love my Sisterlocks.


The Woman Inside said...

I can't wait to see what your hair looks like after getting it styled!! Well they say that this journey has it's ups and downs. Hopefully getting your hair done will give you a needed boost!

Genevieve said...

I think I like this look!!!!!! For the website. Now waiting very patiently for some pictures that I can sit here and have lock envy about.....

Gigglz said...

@The Woman Inside - I'm anticipating what they can do with my hair now as well. It definitely has its ups and downs, but definitely more UPS than downs!

@Genevieve - thanks for the thumbs up!!! Pictures posted just for you :-)


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