Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bored at the 7 month marker!!

Today marks 7 months, and for some of you it may seem like a short time but for me this last week has made the journey feel long. Don't get me wrong, I'm not thinking about taking them out, but last week I didn't roll or do a braid out and I felt the effects of not doing so. All week I freestyled and was not at all pleased with the daily results. I must say I'm so BORED with my hair. I actually made an appointment for only styling next month with a salon that specializes in locks and natural hair. I figure I will treat myself to a style after a retightening to get some more options for the holiday season. I've looked at the pictures online and I was pleased, I will definitely post the pics once I go.

In the meantime, between time I have decided to use sponge rollers for styling this week. Over this weekend, I met with another woman who has had sisterlocks for close to two years and she only uses sponge rollers. In addition, A Sista Who Locked also uses sponge rollers and her curls looked great so I'm going for it.

Pictures will be posted tomorrow.

Ah, I did do a braid out on Friday night just with some mousse and this was my results, not bad, but I think I like my curls better.

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A Sista Who Locked said...
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A Sista Who Locked said...

OK, let's try this again. I left out a whole section of what I wanted to say...

Gigglz, I feel your pain. I think since we are in that ‘in between’ stage, it causes (well for me anyway) style anxiety. It’s only so much I can do with my hair since it’s shorter in the top and longer in the back. The styles I want to wear, I don’t know how to do, and I know I couldn’t wear them at work. It is what it is, but wearing a mo-hawk to work everyday will not fly where I am. I am ready for it to be longer so I can actually experiment on it.

I do like the sponge rollers, but I also think what helps me is that I use a setting lotion. If you recall, I was using Motions, but since I found Pantene’s Relaxed and Natural setting lotion, I find that it doesn’t leave a cakey build up or hideous flakes. Motions HOLDS a curl waaay better, but with Pantene, the hair is soft and not flakey.

I can’t wait to see the new style on your hair. Also, to answer your question as far as how she styled my hair, she used rubber bands. I had 2 poof tails in the back, 2 poof tails in the middle, and 3 in the front, with 1 of the poof tails being closer to the front causing me to have the Michael Jackson dangle in the front. Of course I didn’t have a lot of curls in the front because she had just washed my hair, and that section is the section where I have the straight pieces from that damn pressing. Since my hair is pretty full, she was able to spread the hair over any scalp that you would have seen. Anyway, I know I suck at explaining, but it was really simple and it only took her like 5 -10 minutes to do.

A Sista Who Locked said...

ALSO, your hair still looks good when you free-style! You have a very nice shape to you hair.

Gigglz said...

Girl your explanation was on point...well at least I got the drift and I was thinking that show she had to achieve it with some rubber bands. Although, I'm bored like you said there is only so much I can do with my hair to go to work. Going, through the motions of doing a mohawk for two days just not enough for me, so freestyle and curls it will be until I can actually get a ponytail instead of a puff tail!!!

I don't use any products on my hair for roller setting or braid outs, guess I've retraining myself to only use water, so far so good.

The straight pieces worked out in this case, right! Lol.

Gigglz said...

oh and thanks about the shape!! Its such a shape I tried to get with a perm!! A BOB!! Whew was that work, now its somewhat there..uneven but there.


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