Friday, October 23, 2009

Just Random

Another change to the background, but I got tired of logging in and seeing the "white woman" above my head.  What a bad representation for what I am about.  Alright so I hope you like the new look it suits me more because I'm always running late, hence the clock and I love, love my blackberry.  Even if its on vibrate, I'm checking it to see if new messages come through...but I didn't log in for this today. 

I logged in today to show some pics of how I have been wearing my hair these past few days with the sponge rollers.  The bad thing is I was trying to take these pictures myself with the help of a hand held mirror.  Then I used another mirror to capture, so needless to say I have all these flashes going everywhere, but hey I'm trying.  I don't know why I don't have someone else take the photo for me.  Needless to say, nothin is good enough to show you right now.  I will do my best to describe, because it was simply a ponytail in the front and the back was out, with the ponytail I kind of puffed it up and put a clip for some style..hope that helps.  I'm sure I will be wearing that look shortly and I can get a good picture.


Bajan Lily said...

Heyyyy - tried to post this comment earlier ie 'Love the new red'... but now it's gone... what happened?

This one is cool too though. Tidy. I'm still trying to find one I like!

Gigglz said...

I'm so all over the place girl!!! I think I'm settled now!


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