Friday, October 2, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust...

I decided to approach my retightening a little different this go around and I sectioned my hair off in four (lower half of the back, crown, right side, left side).  So I started on Monday and completed a section each night, I really didn't check how many hours it took because I was stopping for anything and everything.  I just wanted to finish off a section every night.  This go around my index finger isn't throbbing from the tool, and I didn't intertwine as many locks as my last retightening, learning my lesson :-).  It is definitely getting easier and I'm also getting more proficient in it, I can tell which rotation I left off on just by feeling the lock and I don't need a mirror or as many clips to keep the locks surrounding the one I'm working on from getting caught.  Right now I'm on a 4 week schedule and I get close to two rotations so I may push my schedule to every 3 weeks, but that might be a little too frequent (more than my mos cycle) LOL!!  

Now this is the first time I washed my hair right after doing a retightening and it actually felt so soothing to have the water run through my hair with the roots being tight.  The benefit of this is I didn't have to separate because there is no new growth to matte together, it was great!

So I'm now an official DIY'er!!


Natasha Dyer said...

Congrats lady! I'm in the middle of reti myself, and got the front done in about 4 hours! It does get better with time.

Gigglz said...

Thanks Queen Nat - you know you're my hair idol!!! So 4 hours for the front around a year and half, definitely something to look forward to.


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