Monday, April 20, 2009


Last night I washed my hair for myself for the first time with the Sisterlock shampoo. The first thing I noticed is that it stung my eyes (next time I won't wear my contacts :-). In any event, the water running through my scalp felt great and the shampoo felt like it cleansed my scalp. I got out the shower took my braids out and was amazed at the length of my SL's, in addition to the length they were so soft and lightweight. My head was on a swivel stick feeling my locs move back and I could definitely see the growth over the past month and the ones that had major and minor slippage; it also made me think about how I can't wait for my first retightening. I put some Cantu Shea Butter in and went to bed with my satin cap which is actually made for braids.

I wake up this morning and I have no idea what happened, I had major shrinkage overnight and I'm at a loss on how to combat it. I am losing so much of my length from the shrinkage which leads to limiting styling options, which is frustrating in the morning. My hair likes water based products but, since I'm a total PJ I have coconut oil and jojoba oil in my arsenal. Over the next five days I'm going to test both oils on for a two day period and see which one retains length and moisture without being too heavy. I'm going to look into Greg Juice ( as well, becuase I've heard good things about that one, but I have to order it online so thats for next week. I will keep you posted.


new2locs said...

Hey Ms. Gigglz,
Your hair is doing exactly what it's supposed to do. It will contract & shrink. During this time you will probably notice your loc's becoming more dense. You will definitely experience shrinkage for a while, so don't become discouraged or fight it, it's part of the journey. Sit back & enjoy it!

Gigglz said...

Thank you so much for the encouragement, because I certainly needed it today. The shrinkage is frustrating but I guess i need to get over this hump in order from them to settle and lock properly. :-)

Spicylocks said...

I have experienced major shrinkage as well doing my first wash last night. I had 8 inch locks shrink down to 4 inches. Just smile and think of it as part of the journey. The length will return in time.

Gigglz said...

Wow that is alot of shrinkage. I guess I shouldn't be complaining then.

Free McK. said...

OMG! I hate shrinkage! Its been one year and seven months and I'm still fighting with shrinkage and she wins every time! :D

Gigglz said...

@FreeP - Close to 2 years and shrinkage is still around!! I better get used to it then!


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