Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tattoo Choices

I have narrowed my tattoo down to two choices...the first one means "LIBERATED" and the second one means "FREE". I have a favorite already but I'd love to know your thoughts. Sorry for the bad quality I was taking the picture from my laptop.

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Sisterlock Adoration said...

Ms Gigglz,

I wanted to warn you about Asian symbol tattoos. I went to China last year and one thing I learned is that some tattoo artists and stencilists derive pleasure from misleading folks about the meaning of certain symbols (ie. instead of liberated, the meaning may actually be silly American). You may want to have someone verify the meanings for you prior to you moving forward. Just a thought! Good luck and let us know which you select.

Gigglz said...

Sisterlock Adoration - that was a huge concern for me as well that I may go into a tattoo shop and end up with literal nonsense on my body. Two of my co-workers are Asian (1 Korean and 1 Chinese) both I have a great repore with so I asked them to write the words for me and then I googled a website and pulled the same symbols so I'm pretty confident that it means what I want it to. However, I'm still 10% questioning it. What I really want is a butterfly to symbolize rebirth but since my skin is dark the only colors I can get to show up is green and red and the butterfly may end up looking like a big blob. Thanks so much for the warning though, I do appreciate it.


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