Friday, June 5, 2009

Whats New!!

Tomorrow I have a consultation with a new consultant. I spoke with her over the phone and the conversation was definitely easy-wish me luck on that one. The prices whew....I'm not even going to say I can definitely work with it. The one thing that concerns me is that she doesn't actually have the certification but she has been doing SL's for 7 years. I can certainly understand not going for the certification if you don't want nor plan to do SL's F/T. Any thoughts from you ladies?

I plan to go to my appointment and if all goes well I'm going to schedule a retightening for next week with her. My retighening with my initial consultant is not until the 29th of this month. If this doesn't work out tomorrow I definitely have to call and bump it up a few weeks, because 2 have fully slipped out one in the back and one in the front and the growth on the others my fingers are getting stuck in when I try to style them. Thats hot for the growth but not the pulling on my scalp.

This week was a bad week for me, for two day I wore conrows, I will post that shortly and the other two days I wore a low ponytail which I mentioned earlier. Over the week none tickled my fancy. The wrap a loc that I mentioned in an earlier post I have not ordered yet. Although I love the curl look I'm in no rush for a new type of roller. So for now I am going to rock my freestyle.

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