Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Parts are Back...2nd Re-tightening

After 5 hours and 45 minutes I am now complete with my 2nd re-tightening. It was 7 weeks in since my last one and I have no plans to go that long again. I had one slip out and I actually put it back in myself I don't think I can do it again if I tried. I didn't lose any locks but two were combined in this session my consultant felt one was just too thin. Other than that my re-tightening went as planned. I asked about coloring my tips and my consultant felt that 6 months would be safe, so another few months for that. Who knows by that point I may actually change my mind. Its been so long since I had my hair done that the tightness of my scalp feels good. The picture is on the ride home. Better ones to come once I take my cornrows out, but I see that my locks look fuller this time around.

On another note, last night I washed my hair and used the last of my SL starter shampoo so I purchased the Jamaican Mango and Lime tingle shampoo. I figure its made for traditional locks and have no detangling ingredients so I should be in good shape. Have any of you used any other shampoo besides the SL?

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