Monday, June 15, 2009

Humidity...oh yes I like!!!!

Normally my locks feel a bit hard to the touch and I'm trying not to use any creamy moisturizer, like my favorite shea butter by ORS on my locks until they lock. Last night I took my daughter to the local Carnival and was outside for about two hours in the humidity. On my drive home as usual I was playing in my hair and my locks felt sooooo soft. I kept touching them and thinking why can't I get this feeling all the time. This tells me that during the summer my hair is going to feel great -soft and luscious but in the winter months I'm going to need a really good moisturizer to mix with water to keep this feeling.

I say this only to point out to everyone that you should pay attention to what your locks like and don't like. And how it behaves with the weather.

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