Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nothing much to do.

I've been home all week because my daughter has woken up every morning with a fever over 100, but throughout the day it goes away. The doctor said use Motrin which I ran out and bought this morning, so far so good. The "swine flu" definitely has me a bit on edge but because her fever comes and goes I'm somewhat ok, but I have my eye on her :-(. With that said, I've been almost locked up in the house becuase I don't want her to do any strenous activity and I'm going stir crazy!! TV is not even entertaining throughout the day because its repeats and the same movies over and over!!! I cannot wait until tomorrow because I actually have the day off and I don't have to be stuck in the house and in front of my laptop working!!! Woohoo!!

So my hair has been in cornrows since Sunday night because why take it out I haven't gone anywhere, but I did cut my kitchen off yesterday!!! I do plan to go out tonight to watch the Transformers 2 and get in a workout.

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