Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Not everyday is a good day

And today wasn't a good one. My hair is definitely growing and I love that of course but the styles that I used to do just don't seem to be working. I ended up with a low ponytail and a bang today. Pictures of that one, I wouldn't dare :-).

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A Sista Who Locked said...

I totally understand how you feel... Everyday is NOT a good day, but we are IN IT now! I am gonna keep checking in to see what new ideas you come up with. Maybe we can share. My latest thing is sponge rollers. I know, I know, nothing new, but it seemed to make me feel better or at least I am doing a great job at convincing myself...LOL

Gigglz said...

Girl it has just been a bad week. I think it has to do with the rain we had up here, but also because I feel like I am in desperate need of a retightening so the styles just look WHACK!!!!


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