Thursday, June 25, 2009

Its not you, its them ...

Over the past few years it has become quite evident that black woman want to embrace there natural hair texture, young and old. A saying that I live by is "ITS NEVER TO LATE TO BE WHAT YOU MIGHT HAVE BEEN". I think anyone reading my blog or just passing through should know that going natural is naturally you.

I stumbled upon the video below on another blog but please take a look at the video below...I love the Sex and the City theme music...and oh yeah got bored so changed my template :-)

The Coil Review Re Launch from Tricia (T. Mezz) Messeroux on Vimeo.


DrWaddell said...

Oh now, that's what's up! I like how they produced this piece. Very cool. I'll have to check out the website. Very clever production to market a site.

Gigglz said...

I thought it was a great marketing tool. I love it and the ladies look FLY!


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