Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Consultant

Ladies - I went to visit the recommended consultant yesterday and I am happy to say that I was very pleased with her. The drive was not bad at all, its about the same in distance from my first consultant but the traffic pattern is much better so I won't hit any traffic. Based on our conversation yesterday, she is what I'm looking for, she was open with information, pleasant, friendly, and knowledgeable. The first thing I noticed is that she had SL's herself; they were down her back and healthy. What better way to advertise your work than on yourself? I walk into the house and her mother also has SL's, through conversation I find out that her daughter, son, and sister-in-law all have them which were installed and now maintained by her. This speaks volumes to me because not only do you maintain them you believe in the them as well.

When she first saw mines she complimented them and said they looked really good. I respected that fact that she complimented the work that my first consultant did, because most won't comment on another persons work besides saying it was wrong. Since I was there and I did have two that slipped out she put them back in and tightened a few around my edges so I can see her work. She used the correct tool, and she was extremely particular about washing her hands before and after working in my head. Another good quality to have. She also mentioned that my locks are definitely on there way to locking and that they are not coming out and I have a full head of hair...yeah, yeah, and yeah!!!! I told her how I care for them (my spritz combo) three times a week, I wash every two weeks, and that's pretty much it. She said I'm doing everything correctly, the only thing she said is that I shouldn't go longer than 7 weeks for a re tightening. I was glad to hear that because my first consultant scheduled my second re tightening for 8 weeks out and I can feel my fingers getting caught in the new growth and its only been 5 weeks.

Needless to say I made an appointment for later this month. I must say I think I have a winner!!!!

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