Friday, June 5, 2009

Daily Spritz

I think my daily spritz has definitely aided in the growth of my SL's the products are aloe vera gel, jojoba oil, green tea oil, and water. I looked up the benefits of each and I feel like I have a good combination that I will stick with. The smell is very pleasant due to the green tea and after reading about each component on its own it convinces me even more. BTW...sorry for the lengthy post but I wanted to give you some more information on the products.

In short aloe vera gel is good for growing new hairs, jojoba oil is good for absorption into the hair follicle to keep the locks moisturized and also shine (oh yeah), and green tea stops hair loss. So using these products all in one I am keeping all the hair on my head moisturized and shiny all the while growing new hair, and we all know that water is just great on its ow

Aloe Vera Gel (Lilly of the Valley)

Aloe vera is the best treatment for the hair loss. Most of the people are using aloe vera products for centuries which maintain their healthy and thick hair. Aloe vera gel is applied on the hair and scalp in order to prevent hair loss. Aloe vera contains the enzyme which is helpful in stimulating the growth of new hair. Aloe vera also consists of anti-inflammatory properties which are beneficial in fighting against Androgenetic Alopecia and prevents hair loss. Aloe vera protects the scalp and hair from being damage from any disease.

Most of the people think that there is no such product which can help in reducing hairs. The people spend too much money on various hair products and all the products provide no positive results and some also contain side effects. So, aloe vera is treated as the magic substance for the growth of hairs.

Aloe vera is used in various products for the hair growth like shampoos and conditioners and even in hair oils. One can use a soft shampoo and conditioner on the hairs and massage it on a scalp and hair regularly to prevent from hair loss and dandruff. Massaging shampoos on the scalp will increase the circulation of the blood in the scalp and avoids excessive mental labor and stress.

Native Americans, Aloe VeraIndians and Caribbeans have been using aloe vera since ages for the promotion of healthy hair and prevent the hairs from loss. Aloe vera heals the scalp from inside and balances the pH of the scalp and is also beneficial for cleaning of the pores. Aloe vera gel with coconut milk mixed with the small amount of wheat germ oil and is used as a shampoo and provides excellent results to many people.

Aloe vera shampoos and conditioners contain the perfect combination of natural oils, shea butter, herbal extracts and vitamins. These products of aloe vera are suitable for all types of hair like dry, normal, thin and oily.

Each shampoo and conditioner is formulated without petroleum-based ingredients or alcohol and is pH balanced. Aloe jojoba shampoo moisturizes, cleans and nourishes the hair and gives a soft and healthy shine to the hairs. These products can be applied daily and conditioner should also be applied on the hairs to prevent hair loss and makes the hair soft.

So, aloe vera is very useful for the growth of hairs, preventing hair loss and gives shine and softness to the hairs.

Jojoba Oil

The use of Jojoba oil in hair care products is very common and those who suffer from dry, damaged hair or scaly, flaky scalp will benefit greatly from Jojoba’s ability to deeply penetrate the scalp and hair shaft. Jojoba oil dissolves sticky build-up on the scalp that can form from daily use of other hair products such as mousse, hair spray and hair gel. Many scalp problems occur as a result of such build-up, which can keep the hair follicles from functioning - ultimately killing the follicle - resulting in damaged hair.

With continued use, Jojoba oil ensures that hair stays healthy and clean, with a natural shine. In addition to Jojoba oil’s use as a scalp treatment, many hair conditioners, shampoos and herbal products contain Jojoba oil as its key ingredient. As with skin care, Jojoba oil can also be used on its own as a homemade treatment. As a leave-in conditioner, simply pour some Jojoba onto your hands and run them through your hair and comb through with a big-toothed comb until it is evenly distributed, or add one teaspoon of Jojoba to a cup of water in a spray bottle for a more convenient conditioning hair spray.

Green Tea Oil

Incorporating green tea into your diet may help combat or help prevent hair loss. One of the most powerful antioxidants in green tea is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). Studies conducted by the Saitama Cancer Center Research Institute in Japan and the Seoul National University College of Medicine both show evidence that EGCG stimulates hair growth. The Saitama study reports that green tea inhibits the production of Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF), a molecule that has been linked to cancer, arthritis and hair loss. In the Seoul study, hair follicles were treated with EGCG in a lab setting. Test cultures showed increased hair growth and hair follicle elongation when compared to control cultures. A green tea tincture containing 10 percent EGCG was also applied to the scalps of human volunteers, yielding the same results.


A Sista Who Locked said...

I am just curious. My loctitian about about kicked me through the phone about using ANY type of oils or moisture on my hair until it has gotten older. She said that moisture is not good for the locs because they are not mature and it will cause slippage. This came up because I was telling her that I have one in the front that feels like it wants to pop off. She described what it looked like as if she were here: more hair towards the end and it feels and looks like the loc is hanging by a string. She IMPLORED me not to use any oils right now and stated I should use Sea Breeze ONLY on the scalp if I have an itch.

Needless to say I am FREAKED out about it because I have been doing a spritz here and there and I use a mouse with my rollers. Has your loctitian stated this? I have seen arguements on both sides. I must say, feeling through my hair, a couple of my locs do feel that way and I am not sure if it is new growth or what. How are yours holding up?

Gigglz said...

My locs are holding up very well. I did have two totally come undone, one in the back (last row) and one in the front (first row). Other than that the others around my perimeters are hanging in there.

In regards to oil, I actually purchased the green tea oil from her shop and she told me I can use to two times a week. I found the oil to be a bit heavy so I diluted it with water and was using that. Then I made my own spritz and I use that about three times a week now.

One thing to mention is that my spritz is 50% water because I'm using a 3:1 ratio of water to oils.

Afrolady said...

THANK YOU for this very informative post. I have been using Aloe Vera Gel for the past 3 years and love the benefits. I did twisties on a co-worker last week and chaptered and versed her on the benefits of aloe gel. Your post had more things than I knew - you certainly did your research. By the way, your hair looks GREAT!!! Peace!!

Gigglz said...

Afrolady - thanks for reading. After reading about ale vera gel I'm inclined to drink it noas well!!!

Bajan Lily said...

Hi there, this post is a godsend! I really didn't know these oils were good for hair loss so thanks for putting it out there!

Just a question - you've got AloeVera Gel (Lily of the Valley) - does this mean that the Aloe Vera gel you're referring to does not come from the Aloe Barbadensis plant?

Gigglz said...

Bajan Lily - I'm amazed at how helpful these oils can be for our skin and hair, overall body. The AloeVera Gel I purchased from a health food store already in liquid form. I'm sure you can use the plant to extract the liquid and use and it would be in its purest form. If you try that, please let me know.

Jojoba said...

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