Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lock Loop Curls vs. Jherri Curl Rods

With the successful curls that turned out with the lock loops I decided that I should try different types of rollers to see what else worked. I went to the beauty supply store and picked up five packs of jherri curl rollers. I had recently washed my hair, so I wet my head under the shower and rolled probably 10 locks on each rod. The rods were not as easy to work with as I thought they would be. One issue was when I was trying to close them they would be too loose. To combat that I wrapped the elastic around it first then snapped it closed. Now the wrapping caused too much tension so the elastic would pop out the top. It took me about 10-15 minutes to get the hang of it and put in 3 rods, but once I got the hang of it then came the actual placement. I was trying to get a more spiral rod so set so the placement of each roller was key. Only product I used was my water bottle with my EO. I went to sleep with the rollers and yes as you can imagine it was definitely uncomfortable to sleep. On top of the fact I put on a satin scarf first to hold all the rollers, then I put on a satin cap. I'm not used to so much fabric or anything on my head so it was not a pleasurable experience. Luckily, I was tired and fell right asleep, but I don't think I will be sleeping with them again. Next time around its air dry time (daytime).

Well, with all the trouble the results were a more loose, bouncy, yet fluffier curl from the lock loops and the curls have last much longer and have what seemed like a longer way to fall out. These pictures were taken two days later


Coco Pebb said...

I don't think I could sleep in them either (haven't attempted yet) but I will say that my Mom has been rolling/sleeping in them for @ 3 years now with her SLs. Don't know how she does it :O But the curls are always great and they last till next wash.

IvyLeague said...

WOW!! It is so funny that you posted that blog! I was thinking about doing the same thing. I set my hair on the curl rods last week and I like the curls more than those from the lock loops. I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep in them so I did the set long before bed so I could take them out before going to sleep. I had the same results as you. My curls are looser, bouncy, and they are lasting longer than usual. I think my plan is to use the lock loops when I have to sleep in them and use the curl rods when I don’t. I will get around to posting my lock loop vs. curl rods pictures. Great minds think alike!!!

V @ Locks-N-Motion said...

I might need to try these rollers again. I havent rolled my locks with these since I first had them, I'm sure the curls would last longer than the curls I get from the soft spikes.

Have you ever curled your hair with the big hard rollers? Although those rollers are uncomfortable as well, they produce a more loose curl but it leaves the hair with so much bounce and body.


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