Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Too Many Colors Options

As I look at my pictures above I am examining the color.  The one on the right is year 1 and the one on the left is year 2, as you can see there are two distinct colors.  Both pictures are from March, my loc-a-versary, so the season didn't play a part in my decision, I must say I do like the red. But I'd love to know what you think, the reddish family or brown? Or both, but it just matters on the season?


Bajan Lily said...

I always liked the brown but you look like you're having so much more fun in red! So RED it is :)

Afrolady said...

Both are pretty. But, I am really a fan of the red. I am thinking of doing the red myself. Will let you know though.......LOL!!

Gigglz said...

Thanks ladies!! I agree, but whew I just colored what feels like a few months ago.


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