Saturday, April 9, 2011

Stunted Growth

The consensus seems to be to go back to the reddish brown color.  I must say that I agree with that decision.  What I'm concerned about is stunting my growth.  I don't know maybe its me but I feel like my locks should be longer.  I throw that thought out the door and plan to color again in about 4-6 weeks.  This time around I think I'm going to make my coloring experience a (GDO) girls day out with my close locked sister :-).  She has traditional locks and is interested in getting them colored as well.  I told her we should go to the salon together and do it together.   Totally digressed!!!

After coloring have your locks grown at the normal rate or slower? 


Unknown said...

changing your hair colour will not affect the rate of growth, it WILL dry out your hair, and that dryness, if not managed, can cause breakage.

Gigglz said...

Thanks Yahvinah - do you suggest a particular moisturizer to use after coloring?


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