Thursday, November 11, 2010

Doing it myself

One thing I want to add to my previous post. I really do enjoy doing my own retightenings. Hmm...enjoy is exaggerating a bit, I like doing my own retightenings. When I'm going thru my locks I can truly see the areas growing and if any of my locks are weak, which gives me total control of whats going on. I've tried so many consultants because I'm looking for that one I can use give or take 3 to 4 times a year just to check to ensure my locks are doing well. Or for that time when I need to get my retightening done all in one day for a special event, or just cause I don't feel like doing it myself. Either way, I'm not looking for that perfect one, but I'm looking for one I can rely on and be pleased when I get out the chair. But every time I try a new consultant it just reminds me that its so worth me doing it for myself. Thus far the only one I've been pleased with overall is my installation consultant because I can use her to tighten, wash, and style but I know that I have to use 6 hours of my day to get that done, and I better bring my wallet fully stacked!!!


Unknown said...

I would love to learn to do it myself but don't know why I'm afraid. Maybe I'm just lazy.

Any good instructions?
Thanks :D

Gigglz said...

The first step that gave me the 100% comfort level I needed was taking the actual class. A month before I took the class I watched you tube videos and thought wow, this is easy. I promplty orderded the NL tool and once I got it I worked on a few sections. But after taking the class I have never used the NL tool again and I won't. It does not even compare, and I learned about my hair by taking the class, not the you tuber's hair. Another tip in DIY is knowing that you are not in a rush. Whatever you don't finish in a sitting whether it be after working for an hour or 6 hours, it can be finished another time. You are not in competition with anyone and if you rush you find that you marry locks together, and thats never a good idea. I also found that watching TV keeps my mind off of how long I'm working. Lastly, and the most important part in the beginnning is sectioning off your locks to make sure you can isolate each lock during the retightening.


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