Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lets do it again....henna time

It's been quite some time since I posted and as usual its because nothing has changed with my locks. I just mixed up a batch of henna. I only used one box of the henna powder from Mehandi as with the past two times.  This time I mixed the henna with Apple Cider Vinegar instead of the Orange Juice for the acidic portion and I added in vegetable glycerin for the moisturizing effect.  And instead of mixing with a spoon I used a hand mixer.  The last few times the mixture started out more like mashed potatoes but this time I finally got the consistency of yogurt.  Although I had no issues of applying the mixture the past few times I'm hoping with this consistency I can easily smear it on and washing it out can only be easier. I did most of the changes based this you tube video.

What I'm hoping for this time is to see a more drastic red in my roots. I plan to only to do my roots and if I have any leftover I will do some of my ends. As you see here my ends are already pretty red and don't need much color especially since its the colder months.

Hues of red


LockedPrincess87 said...

Your locks are so pretty

Kay exquisite said...

wow your locks have gotten so long and the color look great.

Unknown said...

Hey! Does henna solve the "lint" problem? I've tried the baking soda ACV rinse, but it does not remove all the lint. For this reason, I'm thinking about dying my hair with henna

Gigglz said...

@Ashley no the henna doesn't mask the lint unfortunately. Ive tried the ACV rinse as well but I didnt see much of a difference.


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