Wednesday, September 2, 2009

PJ at its finest!!!

A natural co-worker brought in her Oyin Juices and Berries product so that I can see it, and let me tell you it smells delicious!!! It is so enticing, that of course I had to spray some on my own hair. As I sit right now I can smell it and the BF is going to LOVE IT, lol!! Since I'm an absolute product junkie I went on the website and ordered $30 worth of products.

The product description is:
Greg Juice" has been one of our most popular products since its introduction more than two years ago - "Juices and Berries" is the same oil-free mixture of vegetable moisturizers and herbal essences; the same beautiful amber pump spray bottle. The change? The fragrance... Juices and Berries is fragranced with the juicest, fruitiest, brightest fruit scent we could find! Perfect for summer, or anytime you want to sweeten your day.

The therapeutic effects are the same as for Greg Juice - spring water, strongly infused with a variety of herbs known to help stimulate the scalp and encourage hair growth; vegetable ingredients for detangling, moisture and suppleness; vegetable glycerine for humectancy and shine; and an essential oil blend nutritious to the scalp.

This formula, like Greg Juice, is excellent for a daily pick-me-up on cornrows or twists. My sisters say it keeps their locs moisturized without weighing them down. And if I tried to detangle my hair without a bottle standing nearby, it would stand up and laugh at my comb. Many uses, this potion has. Cop an 8 oz bottle and find out for yourself. . .

Naturally preserved with grapefruit seed extract and citric acid.

And I would like to highlight this sentence of course "My sisters say it keeps their locs moisturized without weighing them down." I cannot wait for my order to arrive so I can smell like juices and berries!!!


Bajan Lily said...

*chuckle* - just tell me that one bottle doesn't cost £15 :)
Can't wait to read your follow-up on this one.

Gigglz said...

I'm literally a PJ - the bottle is $11, I bought some chapstick for my daughter, deodorant for me (I'm a sucker, it says all natural), and a pomade for the BF!!! Everyone can test this one out!!! LOL!

Naturally Sophia said...

I can't wait to order and review.

new2locs said...

I absolutely love Oyin products. I started using them when I first went natural in '05. Juices & Berries is my fav! I use the Grand Poo bar to wash my locs. All of the products smell delicious.

Gigglz said...

@new2locs - I cannot wait to get my order now!!!


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