Sunday, September 27, 2009

Length Check

So don't ask me what made me want to measure my hair but the idea popped into my head today. Now when I got my SL's installed I paid for 6 ", because that was the longest that was measured at the crown. I had 4" around my edges but of course I had to pay for the longest portion of my hair regardless of what the rest measured at. With my "man down" lock I decided to measure it and it came to (see for yourself)....

Now what in the world is this.

So I moved on to the front of my head which is 4". I know with locking my hair I lost a few inches, but its been six months how is it possible I'm just getting back to where I started on March 18th?!?!? I'm not "that" hung up on the length, but its very interesting, isn't it?

Damn my face is oily...LMAO!!!


Bajan Lily said...

Ok, first off this post made me giggle, and then some! LOl.

I think you should rename 'Man Down' to 'Handy Manny' - cos clearly he came in handy eh?
If you really want to see the length of your hair - you will have to 'unpick' old Manny.

Remember I spoke about accidentally combining two locks the other day and having to unpick one in order to free the other? Well I forgot to take a picture of it while it was loose but it looked to be about 1-2 inches longer than the other locks... of course now it has been restarted it's the same length again... at least I can't find it!

Anyway, if you haven't chucked Manny in the bin, unpick him and have another measure....

Gigglz said...

Bajan Lily - you are too funny!!! Handy Manny, I like that! I don't if I will pick it out, because my last attempt of picking a lock out I ended up with a clump of hair. It has already intertwined so how do I do that?

Bajan Lily said...

I'm still baffled at how you managed to do that (ie end up with a clump of hair)... all I can say is 'gently'. :)

Kay exquisite said...

lol.... 'gently'
Gigglz I feel u girl I did the same thing a while back and was like aint this a blimp!!! my hair hasnt grown at all!! But like bajan when I redid the back I saw how much it had grown the back when loose and stretched is actually on my shoulders.

Gigglz said...

@Bajan Lily --- literall ya clump, no more than 10 strands left standing. Really Man DOWN!!

@Kay Exquisite - Hmm--gently!! Thats the key word!! ROFL! Touching your shoulders go on girl!!


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