Saturday, September 26, 2009

Man down!!!! Don't pop hair while retigthening..

Man down!!!! I've actually lost one of my locks. In actuality I cut it out because it was literally hanging on by 4 strands of hair, which you can see at the beginning of the lock. So how did it happen you ask....well I explained that on my first retightening I did for myself with the NL tool I kept pulling neighboring locks in the new growth. When I did do that and I was unable to pull it out I would pop the hair (yeah bad idea) because in this case it only left a few strands of for the lock to hold on to.  I didn't notice this until I retightened the 2nd time and I just left it hoping that enough hair would grow and I can retighten. That was wishful thinking because even though I have new growth I didn't know how tighten it with just a few strands and then new growth. Although its been holding on for close to two months I didn't want it to one day drop out as I was walking so I cut it and started a new lock with the new growth. With a "man down" I was able to inspect the lock much closer which started intertwining so I'm so happy that my hair is well on its way to locking!!

Lesson learned don't pop my hair when retightening!! And since noticing this I'm even more cautious when separating.

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Kay exquisite said...

Hey Oh No!!! Gurl I'm so glad you pointed out that it was due to "snapping" Bceause I snapped a lot this reti I don't know things were just not going my way this time around and I kept joining locks. Now I know I'm just gonna have to take my time and concentrate a little bit more and just leave the ones I join to gether until someone can fix them. I can't afford to be losing locks as many as I joined together this time.

Gigglz said...

Hey Kay its nothing that can't be corrected! I created a new lock and it will grow; luckily its in the middle back of my head and you can't even notice that its gone, I actually have to search for where it came from.

You have the right idea thought just leave your locks that are joined alone until they grow some more and you can pull it back through or have someone do it for you. But again, its nothing that can't be corrected and its part of becoming a DIY'er.

Bajan Lily said...

My girl, I'm sorry you lost one, but as you yourself pointed out - he was a healthy little boy no?
I felt myself getting some lock envy (just a lil bit) at how uniform and 'chubby' he was. Your locks are in such great condition! I will post an update on my hair shortly - you'll see mine a still kinda 'thin' with straight or wispy weird ends... I guess I am learning that my hair texture may never give me the lock look I want (or maybe I just need to wait a zillion more years! *grin* )

Gigglz said...

@Bajan Lily - I'm ok, I was a little distraught for a week or so after I noticed it and yes it was a nice healthy guy, but it was self inflicted. Thanks for the compliment, I really don't do much with my locks.

Everyone's locks are different yet beautiful and although yours may be slightly "slimmer" you have a look I can't obtain, and out here someone has lock envy on you too :-)!


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