Sunday, September 6, 2009

All done!!

I am complete with my second DIY retightening. This marks my 5th retightening since having SL's in a little less than 6 months. The back definitely had the most new growth, took the longest, and caused me the most trouble because of the new growth. I still pulled in some of the neighboring new growth in when retightening with the SL tool, but it was easier to find the entry point and remove it. Since the back takes the longest, for my next retightening I'm going to start there.

One thing that was clear is that my right side is longer than my left. I constantly pull and play with my hair on the left side while driving I hope this is not causing to slow the growth on that side.

I was able to get through a full rotation and with some 2 rotations so for now I'm going to stick with a 4 week cycle and see how that goes.

I am so proud of myself I must say!!!! Retightening definitely takes patience and what I call "sticktuitiveness" (aka commitment). Lol!!!

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