Friday, September 18, 2009


Oh my, oh my, I can't believe today marks six months exactly.   March 18th I was locked and I have absolutely no regrets; as I was on my cruise I was feeling so good, because I didn't have to worry about my weave tracks showing, my braids falling out, or even worrying about my hair in the slightest.  Although these six months felt long, it felt long in terms that I can't even remember how much work I used to put into my hair to make it look a certain way, in retrospect I was trying to make it look real, big, curly with all those extra packs of hair types I tried and I have that look now almost effortlessly!

Six Lessons Learned in 6 months
  1. My hair still shrinks after washing
  2. The less products I use the better for my locks which also includes spritzing with water
  3. When my locks are dirty they don't hold curls (just like permed hair hah)
  4. Since buying a satin pillow case, I have more body & bounce when I wake up
  5. My hair isn't as coarse as I thought it was, but its much thicker than I knew
  6. I love that I can look different every day.
  7. And a bonus :-) although, I'm thrilled about how much my hair has grown, I'm still obsessed with having my hair touch my collarbone :-)
Comparison pictures will be coming shortly!


A Sista Who Locked said...

Hurry up with the pics! I feel you in regards to #7..LOL

Gigglz said...

Lol-I can't seem to get it together for some pics!!

Genevieve said...

6 months already? I can only dream. Welcome back.

Gigglz said...

Girl - it will be here before you know it. The months fly by!


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