Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Taking the Retightening class

A Sista Who Locked brought up a good question:

Why are you still taking the class? It looks like you have it down

For me, since the SL's are a trademarked locking technique/system I feel that I should respect the integrity of it. I have made the commitment (mentally/financially) in my SL's so I feel I should learn the proper way to retighten my locks. Plus I feel that since I haven't had them even six months yet (a few days away though) that I should just make sure. Although, I do have the technique down from the wealth of information given on the web and it will get easier and faster as time goes on, but there are two things that I know can change from using the NL tool to the SL tool. For the NL tool you have to:

1. Thread the NL tool (for each lock)which is time consuming.
2. You actually have to pull the NL tool through the new growth for each turn.
3. As my locks swell from locking I may have to purchase the larger sized one.

With the SL tool or even the latch hook you don't have to do the first two things. You push the tool through the new growth wrap the lock around it and then pull through like crocheting (lol) which has to be much faster. Even still after taking the class I will have the option of using either tool and I will be 100% certain that I'm doing the correct pattern and rotation for my hair.

Whats your thoughts on it?


Kay exquisite said...

my thoughts exactly!

A Sista Who Locked said...

Ohhhh OK. I didn't think of it that way. That makes sense especially if you are going to become a serious DIYer, and I am guessing they will tell you how to fix any issues that may come up. You really got me thinking on it now!

Gigglz said...

@Cshan - I hope they show us how to fix any issues. Interesting though, I wonder if thats left for the actual class. I guess I will have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

After reading your comment on my blog Gigglz, here is how I responded over there:


Your post here is more appreciated than you know. I am most definitely going to read the links you have shared. I am most interested to see what I come away with after reading them. From what you have mentioned above I see myself embracing the NL tool, especially from this statement, ' . . . which also seems to attribute to larger locks'.

Thank you.


You asked, "Whats your thoughts on it?"

Well, it occurs to me that I am not caught up on "SL's being a trademarked locking technique/system" right now. For me it's like a pair of jeans is made out of denim whether they have a label on them that reads "Apple Bottom" for instance or are sans a designer "label". SL's are simply small dreaded locks, IMHO. Being a thrify and now unemployed person, and even before when I had gainful employment I have never been one to go the to beauty shop with regularity. I had wash and go hair, why pay someone upwards of $100 to wash my hair? Locks being what they are I surely hadn't planned on BEGINNING such a practice at this venture.

When I read this at the NL site:

" "The competition charges almost $1500!!!! What follows is "A Few Of Our Favorite Things" you can do with your $1425.00 savings

. . . purchase a certificate of deposit; do a mini makeover of your bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom; travel to Greece, Ghana, Japan (or your dream destination); buy a new computer; start or add to your savings (or retirement fund); start a college fund; buy a fabulous designer bag, dress, shoes, or suit; bless your church, temple or mosque; support a children's charity; start a family scholarship fund; add to your new home savings; use it as a down payment on a car; spend it; get some braces, lasik, or botox; join a gym and hire a personal trainer; buy some stock; start that new hobby.....add your items here, have some fun!!!

Then after purchasing your kit and learning the Nappylocs Tm Approach, bless someone else with your services or pass on the book!"

I had to laugh. No thinking person can dispute that.

When I first started researching SL's in the early 00's it seemed the popular concept was, "You can style these any way, they are acceptable to corporate America, they don't look as 'bad' as ______ as traditional locks". Well, I have never had a problem with traditional locks. I LOVE dreads.

Back then (note I said "back then" ain't trying to go there defending the statmenet) many SLers, I felt, seemed to be faking the funk as far as locks were concerned). I have no desire to look good for corporate America either (though I probably should, ain't got there yet); and I have no burning desire to style my hair. The only reason I went with SL's is because of the texture of my hair I did not want to go through the twist/wash hair/hair loosens/re-twist/come loose/retighten thing for several years in an attempt to lock.

As you stated between a crochet hook, a NL tool, and probably some other things I can have just that . . . locks . . . without just giving away money.

Gigglz said...

Hmm..interesting. We all have our own opinions, but because I work in corporate america I was attracted to SL's moreso than any other type. I've worn braids for years and those that I had seen with traditional locks looked very unkept it was impossible for me to come into work like that and continue to climb the corporate ladder when I'm already in management. In any event to each is own right? Now that I have SL's I find myself attracted to traditional locks that are taken care of and regardless locks or not unkept look with a weave is just as bothersome :-)

In regards to the class, I just feel like you pay for what you get. You skimp one corner and you will see the difference. I'm not a name brand junkie, but if I do something I see it through from beginning to end. And I bared the cost to get them, which in the long run was only 6 months worth of getting my micros in. So taking the class was only 1 retightening price and now I'm totally INDEPENDENT!!!!

Shai said...

Seeing Gigglz and Locd L comments:

It just goes to show how different everyone is. We all haav diverse reasons for liking or getting this hairstyle:
I agree with LL that many get SL (TM) because its the 'gucci' of locking. when all is said and done, there are cheaper ways to getting all the features of SL (TM).

I am no longer scared.

Shai said...

and the fact that they have A SISTERLODGE... makes me skeptical.


Gigglz said...

Shai - a hairstyle is a personal decision. Just like the clothing, shoes, and accessories I wear. Its what I chose for personal style, not about trying to get the 'gucci' of locks. I love the look of SL's and at the time I was not attracted to traditional locks. Today that has changed but again part of a personal decision. I have to say I love my SL's and if I had to make the decision again I will still choose them. Not because of the sisterhood, but because I like the look.


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