Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sisterlock Starter Shampoo

I ordered a new bottle of starter lock shampoo on Monday and I received it on Friday (four days) not bad at all. The bottle is much larger than the shampoo in the starter kit. I diluted the shampoo this time around with water I would say 1:1 and I shampooed three times.

What I notice different from using the starter shampoo to Dr. Bronners is that my curly ends are really prevalent as my hair dries. My hair does not feel as hard as the first few times I used the SL shampoo. I think that has to do with my hair settling now and plumping up, not a result of the shampoo. The largest difference is that I don't see the white bulbs and that's a great thing. My hair feels clean. The verdict is that I will be using the SL shampoo every two weeks until the bottle finishes. I plan to go back on the sisterlock website and order the green tea shampoo once this one finishes.
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Locs2Envy said...

I used the started shampoo twice and got the same results (hard brillo type hair)that I did not like and have not used it since. I have used a professional shampoo (Silk II) after that - which I love but tired of jumping through hoops to get it. One day when out of state, I discovered Bronner Brothers Castille Soap and I have not looked back. I don't get the build up and it rinses from my hair wonderfully and in less time.

msfullroller said...

Ooh, I love the curlies! Mine have rounded off throughout the back of my head but I've still got some in the front where my hair is a bit looser.

Gigglz said...

@Nihu - our hair is so similiar but yet so different we all gete different results from different products. I guess thats why we make up the largest percentage of the hair care industries sales.

@msfullroller - I love them long did it take for yours to round off?

msfullroller said...

Starting at month 4 for the nape area where it has the tightest coil. Moving up a few rows from there...month 6-7. The crown and a few hidden ones on the sides have just started rounding off last month.

Free McK. said...

Your hair is looking good chica!

Gigglz said...

Thanks Free P!


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