Friday, August 21, 2009

Overall Styling with SL's

I have always been the girl who dresses a little edgy, have my own sense of style, and although I follow trends I put my own spin on it. Matchy, matchy clothing has never been my style and my BF always wonders where my color combinations come from. Although I'm big into my shoes and clothes I've never been a big accessory person. You can probably see that because during the week I only wear sterling silver or white gold jewelry only and that's most of my pictures posted. During the weekend I try to jazz it up and rock some more eccentric looking items. So when I ran across a website from a forum that I am on I decided to order and I ended up purchasing earrings and also earrings & necklace sets. When I received the products I was happily surprised at the construction, quality,and materials that the jewelry is made out of. On many occasions I've purchased items from stores and the first day I'm wearing them they fall apart, so this was a pleasant surprise indeed. The woman who hand crafts the jewelry was extremely polite, professional, and very easy to work with. I'm a bit indecisive when it comes to purchasing items and we went back and forth for a few days before I finally settled on the items and she was very patient with me. Please check out her website

So now that you have SL's do you find that your style is changing?

Oh and I got a little hair piece...I have no idea how to put it in.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gigglz,I ordered myself a very tiny crochet hook(size B-1)in order to put my lock jewelry in because some of my ends are bunched and I couldn't apply the tiny hair piece.That's a beautiful one that you purchased!Your sisterlocks are coming along beautifully by the way.Congratulations on DIYing.I ordered the crochet hook at

Gigglz said...

Thats a good idea. thanks for the recommendations!


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