Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Limp Looking Locks

After being away only for four days my house looked like a tornado ran through it because of packing before I left and now the unpacking. I say that to say, it's been a few days and I haven't had a chance to download and post the pictures of the beautiful costumes but they are soon to come, and I even have a bonus for you all (hehe)!!! What I do have on my mind since I have the time is limp locks.

So I had not washed my hair in about three weeks since my last retightening and when I went to work on Tuesday my hair just looked wimpy. Wimpy in the sense of it was just hanging on my head had no curl, no bounce, and what felt like no body. Granted I have not put any oils or creams on my hair at all in the past three weeks. The only thing that I have used is a spritz of water here and there. In thinking about it, I realized I was out in the hot sun all day on Saturday and my hair had even more of reddish tint when I looked at it. With all the factors I didn't know what to think, so I decided to go ahead and just wash my hair. I still braided and banded and used my good old Dr. Bronner's almond liquid soap and my hair is refreshed. I did decide to put some green tea oil in my hair just to revive it a bit and today I'm feeling much better about my hair. To the touch I have my yarn soft hair again.

I guess the largest difference is that right now I don't think I need to continue B&B because I have many locks that have started "budding" and I haven't had slippage in over two months now so I think its safe to say I can keep my little rubber bands for my daughter and her!

Are you still B&B? If so, did your consultant tell you when you could stop?


new2locs said...

Be very careful!! I just recently stopped b&b & my loc's are 11 mos old. My consultant had given me the ok to stop about 3 months ago & I shampoo'd without b & b & my ends looked crazy afterwards, they were all loose & frizzy looking. So hence back to b & b for another 3 months so my ends could go back. My consultant thought she was going to have to restitch my ends but she didn't they went back on their own.

Gigglz said...

Uh -oh thats not good to hear. After 11 months you still have to B&B, well my notion of B&B definetely has gone out the window. I will still look like some crazy woman as I wash my hair, but all worth it when I'm done and my ends don't look cookoo!!!

Quick question though, do you do alot of vigorous shampooing and how many times do you shampoo?

Kumina said...

I'm 19 months loced and I had to go back to banding because I had some serious bunching and unraveling going on. I don't like taking the extra time to band, but I hate trying to repair all the loose locs. I try to do a vigorous shampoo whenever I get brave, maybe once every few months, then afterwards I'm afraid to look in the mirror. But sometimes I just gotta work my scalp to wake it up. Thankfully it's never been anything I can't fix.

Gigglz said...

@Kumina - 19 months and still B&B whew. I don't vigorously shampoo but who knows what the future holds. I think just to be on the safe side I will continue to do it until my hair is fully locked. As it grows I'm sure the B&B gets much easier.

Alicia Campbell said...

Hi, found your blog while searching for something else and decided to drop in to take a look. Very interesting. I've grown my hair naturally for the last 11 years, after being permed for the last, ah well, a long time. Have not done any locks because I like variety, too permanent for me. I do corn rows, plaits or twists whenever suits my fancy. However I mostly leave my hair in twists because I find it easier to manager and besides I like the way it looks, especially if I need to go any place special - I can do an updo. Hope you enjoyed your trip to Trinidad, my homeland. Ahhh, home. Wish you success with your sisterlocks.

Gigglz said...

@Alicia - thanks for dropping in. I can definitely understand you wanting versatility and those same thoughts kept me staring at the sisterlock website for two years. I also loved twists, but I never had the length to do it with my own hair.

And yes I loved my trip to Trinidad, I always do. I'm upset that I'm not going next year.


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